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    You were fighting Vilgax, and he blasted you with some kind of weird laser. But you're safe now. I think you lost your memory in addition to your powers. Ok, let' go over the basics. This is an Omnivault - it contains very powerful Aliens in it. Open it up. Upi just got Healblast. The pyro Alien! Let's equip him! To defeat Vilgax you are going to need a powerful team of Aliens. Let's equip heatblast. Now that you have an alien equipped, you can transform in battle and use amazing powers. This time, we're going to learn how to use Alien powers! Transform into heatblast. Let's charge up Heatblast's fireball power. Match 3 red tiles. Now tap the fireball power gauge to use it. We won't be able to take down Vilgax with just Heatblast alone though! Let's head to the shop and see what ALiens we can add to our team.

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    Welcome to shop! This is where you can buy Omnivaults, coins, and gems. Now that you have more than one Alien, there are some cool things you can do! First off, each ALien has a special Battlecry power that it does when it enters the battle. Heatblast's battlecry increases his attack speed it is very useful when trying to quickly defeat an enemy. You can also use battlecry powers in the middle of a battle. Let's charge up your Omnitrix. Each ALien has a different battlecry power that is used when transforming. Use different alien battlecry powers strategically to defeat your opponents in battle. Wildvine has a buff power that gives you a positive effect for a limited time. This buff will charge your power gauges. Oh no! He used a debuff power on you! Use Wildvine's buff power again to remove the debuff power.

    Why don't you try out the daily challenge mode? You can defeat some new baddies in there or check out new items in the shop. Don't forget to come back here to take on Vilgax.

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