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    It's time for you to grow up and learn how to hunt. First, let's do some practice. Use the joystick to move. It's time to find your fist target. Complete quests to earn coins and level up. Let us guide you through the most important elements of game menu. Lets unlock game items by opening a chest. Then upgrade your character to become stronger. Now you are ready to start your own adventure and family.

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    The game has a real in-game cycle of day and night. FOr every 24 minutes that the game is played, 24 hours pass in the game.

    Acorns are obtained by getting in a chest a duplicate of an item you already have. They are used to buy items and animal characters. Maximum of acorns - 5999. Gems are obtained by unlocking achievements or are bought by real money through in-app purchased. COins are obtained by hunting prey and completing quests. They are used primarily for getting chests. Moonstones are obtained by hunting prey that are level 50 or higher. They are used for getting moon eggs that unlock transformation animals and other items. Elixir can be found on the chests. It is used to upgrade the characters.

    The safe accumulates coins that you get in the game. Once it gets to 85% of it's maximum you can buy it or wait teal it gets full. You are going to get the exact amount of coins that is displayed, it's one-time purchase. Once the safe gets full, you will have specific time to buy it or else the coins in the safe will vanish and be set to zero. You don't need to worry about maximum amount of coins. If you purchase the safe coins you will be able to exceed the limits.

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    Wild club subscription is amazing way to get most of the game and support its further development. To thank you for the continuous support, we want to provide you with unique content and rewards. Upon use pass and each monthly subscription renewal, you are going to get your monthly reward of 120 gems. On Saturday you are going to collect special weekly reward. Club chest that contain only wild club items inside of it. Everyday you can collect your daily of 5 gems. Collecting rewards requires internet connection. Don't worry, you can miss few days of rewards collecting - it will accumulate up to 7 rewards which you can get at once if are subscribed.

    Upon subsequent renewals of subscription you are going to get increased benefits. After first renewal you are going to get bonus of 200 gems instead of regular 5. Upon second and next renewals you are going to get bonus of 250 gems instead of 150 and get daily bonus of 7 gems instead of regular 5. If you choose to cancel the subscription the renewal bonus will be reset to normal.

    When you're using WildCraft animal sim cheats codes you are also getting 100% increase in experience and elixir gaining. You will level up twice as fast! Subscription comes with 30% increase of chance to get mystic items, which makes it 1,7% instead of 1.3%. It also comes with 30% increase of chance to get legendary items.

    Wild club #wildcraft-animal-sim subscription provides you with the ability to unlock unique club content. Wild club items have unique rarity but they have exact same chance as legendary items. With the enabled membership you can get the club items by opening chests or by purchasing them by gems. If you cancel the subscription you will continue to have access to club items you unlocked, but will not be able to unlock new ones.
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