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    Welcome! Our goal is to allow customers to maintain a good physique through exercise. Now let's see how you can run your fitness club. There it is, your first customer is coming. Customers will record their initial weight at the registration area. Upgrade your registration area to let customers complete their registration faster.The faster check in counter work, the more money you make. This way, we can let our the customers wait in queue for a shorter time. The customers need to change their fitness clothes. Free locker room is provided for our customers. After changing into sportswear, they can go to a fitness class. Customers will go to the slimming course after changing their clothes. Upgrading the course level will improve the profit of gym. The addition of seats can allow more customers to participate in the training.

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    Great! The customer successfully lost weight after exercising and became slimmer. The board has released some new task, let's take a look. Keeping running our gym by checking the task guidance. We will absolutely success. After a while, you've made so much money. I can surely counting on you. A new sports venue is ready, lets' go check it. You can unlock more exercise courses and earn morebenefits. Keep working hard. Our gym has grown in size. Now let's go and attract more customers. Customer flow pass - a good source of customers is inseparable from good publicity. The greater the unit traffic, the more revenue you will earn! Remember to keep your clientele flowing.

    Congratulations! You unlocked the advanced effects for the course. Advanced effects can help customers lose additional weight. All weight loss values will be summarized here. The higher the weight loss value, the thinner the customer. Continue to upgrade the course to unlock new advanced effects.

    The following ways can increase the number of people:
    1. Hire offline managers to increase offline people
    2. Upgrade the coach to improve the success rate.
    3. use hack Fitness club tycoon cheats codes.

    Build value represents the construction progress of the gym, which can be obtained by unlocking the venue and upgrading the building.

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