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    Gift redeem pass #The-muscle-hustle

    25 gold every day - QN1DqGPdw
    50 daily quick win tokens - OxZNCoqEH. Used to get instant rewards fro a bout where you have beaten the 2-star target. Can be found in special offeres and in the sponsor rewards.
    bonus sponsor gift - P5KpC0NqP
    increase your league tickets cap - HDFlgfvkl
    100% bonus training XP - yBnHhdWXa
    exclusive VIP pro draft - 7emUREbJY
    14000 bars of pure gold - Z76zHVAm6
    shards - RuLmBtZX5. Collect and combine shards to receive a legend.

    Hey, you're not going to get very far with one wrestler...let me help you out. You can draft some talent to fill out your team. Great, let's add her to your team. Great tag team! Let's see how they work together! Tpa the ability to learn more. Tag fury - gets a boost of courage and lets out an intimidating yell when bumped by an active teammate, damaging all opponents nearby. Tap a wrestler to learn about their abilities. Bump Tey into a corner to make him use his tag ability. Bump teammates to trigger their tag abilities. I think you are ready to train for a championship match. Let's go for the well field title.

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    Contracts restore all access passes, each contract grants three more attempts at special matches.
    Contracts - 0M0sAwrbI
    League ticket - ODWCGwZav. Used to enter a league match.
    amateur draft - dAJdiJEHY
    big shot draft - NNfkfBl6A
    legendary gear ticket - ZsvPZWWGH

    Unlock legendary abilities:
    V2Ohbyokj - volcano bomb. Crashes down into the ring, displacing all wrestlers. Opponents are pulled close and take damage.
    LjGqrKDHN - trip hop. Dances through opponents, tripping them up and taking them out of the fight until bumped by a teammate or opponent.
    CB28DNqip - grapple. Grapples an opponent who finished a trun within range, holding them and disrupting their next more or damaging them when the grapple is broken.
    WZguKilsB - showtime. Summons an entourage of fans to assist the wrestler's team with Singleshot, heal, and tag fury abilities.
    focclFOjF - heavy artillery. Leaves the rind with a suicide dive, attacking the weakest opponent. Reenters the next turn with a massive precision special attack.
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    Published contact: The United States of America (USA), 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003-1502, US
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