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    CP - 5cckS2Ksq
    Food - p7uG0ymFS
    500000XP - TQSAqhj8Q.Use to obtain a corresponding amount of hero EXP.
    1000 Memento coins - UrfgQ8lGA.Use to obtain a corresponding amount of memento coins.
    5000 diamonds - Od9VifTlZ
    large supply pack - 5EQdblagy
    500 VIP points - WaW4SdsdP

    Seems fate led us to this Fortress. Now we need to figure out how to survive in here. Had a good sleep last night. So peaceful. But the zombies growing outside brought me back to reality. The Fortress is our last shelter. We gonna get rid of all risks. With the work station, we can start to excavate and construct something. Assign a hero to the work station, excavate the block on the right, pick up the stones on the ground. In the apocalypse, we are haunted by hunger all the time. Now the Fortress gave us a ray of hope. Hope we can find some food: build a ladder, gather mushrooms, assign Emma to cook.
    Cp will increase as your level up and ascend heroes, upgrade their skills or put on the gear. Food -am esential resource for residents on the fortress. Lack of food will lower their mood, resulting in lower work productivity.

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    Elite hero Bomber Quinn - kuZqRPuHd.
    Custom avatar - srGBVw4nR. Acquire the custom avatar privilege to upload your favorite picture for your avatar.

    You're safe now! You have escaped the bite of the zombies and found this underground fortress. Even if you're exhausted, you can't relax your vigilance for a moment! because there are many unknown dangers waiting for you in this underground world! Fortunately, you've found the old diary. Despite the mysteries, the diary will give you a lot of clues. Do you want to explore the underground world with the diary, regardless of unknown dangers waiting for you? There may also be new discoveries and hopes! Anyway, survival is the ultimate goal!

    Repair material warehouse - storing all sorts of stuff. Upgrade to enlarge it. With technologies, you may leverage the space to stock more. Coals, iron and stones. I bet gophers're not interested in sneaking any of them.

    Quarters - build and upgrade quarters to accommodate more residents. What a lovely room. Residents come back here to have a good rest after a long day. Collect resources on the ground as soon as possible.
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