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    Finally! A shelter! Watch out, zombies! Take them down! Well done! They should have read the keep out signs! Don't have anything to say zombies? Huge group approaching! Here, use grenades i've got stocked up! Let's build a shack to improve our defensive power. Looks like this is going to take a couple of hours, lets use the timer bar pass to skip time and get this built in no time. I just got a distress signal from a survival. Let's go on a mission to save her. Quickly, let's use the time par again to rescue her, we need the manpower. At the end of each day zombies attack! To start a night we need ammo. Go to the map screen to start the next night. Paul is ready for a level up! Leveling up survivors raises their power. Upgrade buildings to improve your defense!

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    Buildings: main house - without the main house you are lost. So try everything you can to defend it! Unlocks buildings. Shark - a good place to experience cramped moments of intimacy. Many romances started like that - and ended again soon after. Watch tower - perfect location to keep an eye on your enemies - or your fellow survivors. Recommended by voyeurs all over the world. We only got enough tools to build one building at a time. But with another builder tool we can expand our village faster.

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