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    5000 gems - KGzlnqP58. Use it for opening chests in crane.
    50000 tower crystal - oId7L7oxd. Grants XP to towers.
    500000 gold - j0kyrXxu2. Use it for leveling up skills and promoting cards.
    10 skill points - xS528ZI2P
    featured pack - RAp2CiW5X
    ultra value card - PUm7Re04H
    privilege card - QhLHBIjcm
    extra chances - 6z5FuE5kS
    refill skills - HPM7PZ2AT
    raid ticket pack - 4zcmHATdq
    starter pack - dpDopSmm4
    guild boss key - jLIuhka9j
    tickets - 0dkuEIscW
    resource pack - sJHRBgB53
    Sophia pack - uV2PAhQHv
    Tesla pack - 5zqKxztxH
    physical pack - 5qfOsuIuT
    upgrade pack - e0ZyDEWgc

    I'm fully charged! Tap skill icon to use heroic ability and show those creeps what for! Goblins will be here any minute! Let's build an arrow tower to defend the village. Next let's build a barracks. It trains troops that can stop creeps in their tracks. Now let's get everyone into a more strategic position. We'll have to help those villagers before we gather heroes to chase the warship. Tap the call wave button to bring on the creeps. Our own ship can cast spells - let's deliver some powerful reinforcements. Looks like there's more creeps on the way. Tap the call wave button early to earn extra coins. Time to bring out the big guns. Manner of speaking o'course. Use bolt to blast away groups of creeps. Each of the live elements is strong against another. Master the elements to gain the upper hand and destroy your foes!

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    Dragonshard - yv0UCDG79. Summon a dragon that can be tapped to attack creeps.
    Harbringer's head - kVKKJxnLL. Summons harbingers that attak creeps and apply fear.
    Tower token - H9AVpu9ju. Grants every tower infinite range and increased power for a short durations.
    Weekly active points - E8FpbUBO0
    Unlock dreadsmith Flint - m1zEmc9dN. Smith of souls. The dreadsmith can shape metal, bone, and even souls with its nefarious tools. Flint is undead, making him immune to certain debuffs such as poison and bleeding. Enemies killed by Flint spawn spectral skeletons that attack your enemies and last for 10 seconds.
    Unlock grandmaster Flint VI - ByVGwYNTy. hammer crash mastery. You've mastered wild sky, and Flint has mastered the might of his hammer. Hammer crash knockback effect is tripled.
    Unlock Grandmaster Flint - ARLOmkEBy. Upgrade steam turret. You've mastered wild sky, and Flint has mastered his turrets. Steam turret creates twice the turrets.
    Internal Flint - k28mqlxsK. Upgrade ignite. Flint has got a fire inside of him! Ignite unleashes bursts of flame that damage all nearby creeps.

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    Published contact: The United States of America (USA), 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003-1502, US
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