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  • Wild sky TD hack 3 stars tier list cheat code - part 1.

    o2ACfVG9g - Zizka: though goblins have never had much affinity with tech scrapper engineer Zizka has had the notable intelligence to create a sturdy tank. Her abilities are great for creating zones bad to enemies while her heroic ability lets her defend from any position advantageous to her.

    Z1x6vsfdG - Sirqhei: daughter and sworn bodyguard of the Pharaoh. Sirqhet specializes in dealing with enemies one by one, at a rapid pace. She hits her enemies with a powerful paralytic venom and can summon a mighty sandstorm to blind them. In order to survive, she heals for each creep she kills and conjures the power of the sun when damaged.

    ETjBi6IRG - Wattaklaw: a chieftain of a small Haundennian tribe. Wattaklaw is a melee bruiser whose Rugged Tenacity ensures he passively takes 1% less damage for each 1% missing HP, up to a maximum of 40%. His abilities stun, daze and sunder enemies while his Earthbreaker heroic generates a massive shockwave that first stuns and then dazes all creeps on the map.

    La29OAu0k - Akbright: a noble paladin of the order of the lamp post. Albright serves in a short, supportive tank role. His passively generated light orbs absorb entire hits worth of damage while his heroic ability applies some of these orbs to his allies.

    CGTdPUUEt - The impenetrable Beetle: he passively has 50% damage reduction while shielded, and his abilities generate or spend shields depending on how much shield is available. Moves by rolling around, gaining increasing speed and causing damage and knockback on impact.

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    sfY5eIHRX - Qetsalli: use her flight and convection winds heroic ability to maneuver and lock down points on tight maps.

    iSvp2K7iD - Chantica: causing her attack to splash fire in a line and giving her a weak anti air attack. Her abilities allow for even more area damage, and her heroic can be activated at any moment to boost the power of all her abilities - as long as she still has energy.

    HXYDx6HOo - Alakatser: can see the future, passively buffing nearby troops and unleashes a plethora of random effects through his abilities: he can spot illusions, foretell a creep's death - even if it isn't being damaged - and always seems to be multiple places at once.

    X1KQg1G4S - Cragbark: when not moving, he roots in place and takes increasingly less damage. His heroic ability permanently extends the area affected by his skills.

    bIjyMA4r7 - Anselm: carefully position her to make use her execution skills and take down strong enemies, using her dance macabre to take down mini bosses.

    Hack Wild sky TD - part 1 3 stars hero tier list

    Hzod8rGDd - Theia: her basic attack deals increasing damage over a 3 second period, and her heroic drains charge until cancelled to hit a part of the map with a sustained beam.

    asrVtv9To - Theron: holy power counters undead specifically, but he will indiscriminately go toe to toe with any creep and slow them, stun them, and knock them around.

    idHt0ZEw5 - Leonidas: he is a straightforward melee brawler with high survivability and damage in the form of blazing brands of fire. Through Leonidas offers little utility beyond his might, he is capable of stunning his enemies and tossing them around.

    YgrcUd1aW - Maryn: as a damage-focused but well rounded melee hero with many tricks up her sleeve. Maryn can displace and control enemy creeps, buff friendly towers, and quickly reposition using tidal dive.
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