Wild sky TD hack 3 stars hero
  • Wild sky TD hack 3 stars tier list cheat code - part 2.

    kDmpdXQxl - Carmine: by using a flamethrower, she is incredibly adapt at dealing with large groups of enemies by dousing them in oil and setting them alight. Her River of fire allows her to up the heat even further when bursts of damage are needed.

    eYc9Rt1Vx - Vance: behind the sass, however, is a knowledgeable control focused wizard who uses a multitude of ranged frost spells to chill and freeze his enemies. He can also conjure an ice elemental to keep tougher creeps at bay.

    Mhnxb8WGB - Lizzith: she is a damage focused caster type hero who can curse and fear her enemies, and even fling meteors at them. Though her damage is great, she is frail and slow, so consider her positioning carefully.

    TjmhcnuJo - Kuro: he can take a hit, swallow small enemies whole, silence casters and deal bursts of damage with his Rain of frogs skill. Though he doesn't specifically excel at anything, he also has no pronounced weaknesses.

    c7vlQoewt - Dustin: serving as a control focused supportive hero, he can daze, stun, and knock back enemies at range while repairing structures or airships.

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    dZS5GzmzY - Arenos: with centuries of experience behind him, he serves as a tanky melee fighter who can knock enemies aside and turn into a powerful Ram, and whose Ram Altar can be used to enhance allied heroes.

    qNUXW5HaY - Hotpot: he will scoop enemies and allies alike into his cooking pot, but benefits from troops dying and new waves being called - fitting an aggressive strategy. He also countless colossal creeps well.

    ugLNyeAYK - Fidget: whether it's tanking stronger mobs, charming creeps, dazing enemies or inflicting toxic of them. Fidget can do it. They can even turn creeps into extra gears through their Transmute ability.

    7ae01HMWz - Lilygold: as a tricksy, control-focused, flying hero, she is able to change the alignment of creeps, entrangle them in roots, polymorph them, and even charm them to fight for the player. Through her damage is low, her utility more than makes up for it.

    7GhZhs7Na - Viktor: unyielding and imposing, he is a strong controlling tank type hero who counters the living, fears his enemies, raises the dead to keep multiple creeps at bay at once, and lock down areas with his death and decay skill.

    Hack Wild sky TD - part 2 3 stars hero tier list

    wOJd6sB5k - Stix: though somewhat frail, Stix focuses on dealing melee damage and staying alive by killing enemies to inflict fear, curse and hex when he does - as well healing through his the reaping ability.

    5MuMY1Nj4 - Videra: though she is not supposed to interfere in mortals' affairs, recent events have forced her hand. She attacks at range and supports her allies with shields and healing while revealing stealthed enemies and blinding them. While doing so, she also provides the Airship with mana.

    uotKAn5Jr - Nakami. Ronin: while frail, she employs high mobility and stealth stoy alive while generating shields for portion of the damage she deals.

    PHcnymeX8 - Maka & MAra: together, they serve as an all-round type hero, offering decent survivability coupled with ranged attacks, additional allies in the form of the wolf pack and controlling frost spells to keep enemies at bay.
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