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    Berserker: taking damage charges your ultimate. Skill 1 - spin your sword and hit enemies 8 times. Skills 2 - kick enemies away for you. Ultimate - charge at your enemy and do 14 hits for a total of 600% attack damage.
    Archer - your basic attack are ranged. Skill 1 - shoots 3 arrows really fast. Skill 2 - jump the direction you move and shoot 3 arrows. Ultimate - unleash a hail of arrows at your enemy.
    Assassin - your 4th attack deals 160% attack damage. Skill 1 - dash behind your enemy. Skill 2 - throw a shuriken. Ultimate - knock your enemy up and do a total of 8 hits.
    Knight - you have an additional shield item giving you bonus stats. Skill 1 - swing up, knocking enemies up dealing 150% damage. Skill 2 - swing forward, knocking enemies away. Ultimate - a sword combo that deals 700% attack damage.
    Mage - your attacks have more range. Skill 1 - teleport away from your enemy and leave a explosion. Skill 2 - punch the ground knocking enemies around you away. Ultimate - fire a energy beam at your enemy.
    Fighter - your air attack is a kick that knocks enemys up. Skill 1 - shoot a projectile that deals 120% attack damage and teleports you to your enemy on hit. SKill 2 - dash forward, when you hit a enemy knock him in the air. Ultimate - gather your power and shot a beam.
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    Your town got destroyed by the dragon. You have to gear up and get revenge! Attack bar - each normal attack fills up the bar, when its full you can't attack for a while. Ultimate can only be used when fully charged.

    Increase stats:
    health - 8Kx6gcTjG
    armor - ed49egNf3
    attack - rN8J5osl6
    critical hit - gvlDIOxGG
    life steal - DDd3LcH6f
    cooldown - Id6WJwPAF
    50 skill points - 8n2YLmmFF

    weNZrFO2x - fire: normal attacks deal 5% of the enemies current health.
    cfcRIjdNn - ice: hitting an enemy with a basic attack freezes him for 2 seconds.
    DpKjLk4du - poison: hitting a enemy poisons him over 3 seconds dealing 200% attack damage.
    4tGp3EQGv - light: hitting an enemy heals you for 10% of your max health.

    Chests pass:
    wooden chest - KYRSlqjkj
    magical - ybHli6Loi
    epic chest - Dy1YSj33D

    small pack - rYoZ4SUuW
    medium pack - r8Mv2oYvh
    big pack - 6TwHfhoZr
    huge pack - zbEl8netR

    TO balance multiplayer:
    - both players get the same generated stats
    - +50% of your equipment base stats
    base stats = stats equipment gives you at level 1.
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