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    Fb7Ayg2bj - Big: is an assault ship with guns on its sides and bow. It does not damage the defensive weapons on the enemy's island, but effectively destroys the buildings on the enemy's island by establishing its force ashore. Launch requires 100 pirates. use several brig ships simultaneously and direct them to different parts of the enemy's island to effectively bypass the enemy's defenses.
    8dJMECoK2 - Kamikaze: is a defensive ship with lots of explosives. It explodes as soon as it approaches the enemy ship. it can also detonate when hit by enemy shots. The Kamikaze has a large radius of destruction. launch requires 150 pirates. Use the kamikaze against the attacking ships of the enemy to effectively destroy them and gain an advantage in the battle.
    jkvyKSADb - Pyro: is a defensive ship with flamethrowers on board. It effectively sets fore to other ships. The burning ships are still able to fight for some time. launching requires 150 pirates. use the Pyro against the attacking ships such as the Frigate and the Dreadnought, while they have not reached the shores of your island.
    fG6FY7qar - Dreadnought: is an attacking ship with long range rotary guns on its upper deck. These guns may destroy the enemy ships and defensive weapons on the island from a distance. launch requires 350 pirates. Use the Dreadnought to destroy the enemy's defensive weapons on the island or expensive ships in a frontal attack.
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    1GPQaZY2M - Supship: is a support ship able to repair damage to allied ships in a battle. When it is near the allied ship, it persistently repairs damage. Launch requires 75 pirates. use the Supship to strengthen the allied attack and assault ships like the Frigate and the Brig.
    19imR4mzL - Harpooner: is a defensive ship that hooks on to an enemy ship with harpoons, pull it towards itself, then recruit the enemy's command and turns its vessel into its own ship. The Harpooner must be turned sideways it with harpoons. Launch requires 150 pirates. use it against the Frigate and the ships with weak defense on the sides.
    DPqRIXsiJ - Ram: is an attacking ship with a powerful ram on the bow. It is able to destroy any ship by ramming it. As it reaches the shores of the enemy's island, it detonates explosives on the bow to damage or destroy the enemy's weapons on the island. Use the Ram only in a frontal attack against non-maneuverable enemy ships.
    bBPp0k7SH - Ironclad Ship: is an assault ship that does not cause damage. It moves slowly has a very powerful hull that can withstand a large number of canon hits. It holds the enemy ships in one place by diverting fire on itself. Launch requires 300 pirates. Use several ironclad ships at once to capture the enemy's island together with the defensive ships such as the Pyro, the Harpooner, and the Repair ship.
    Icr6Tj66i - Corvette cheat: is an assault ship that is used to capture the fortification on the island. It is similar to the Brig, but its guns are less powerful. The main peculiarity of the ship is that it can evade the enemy ships that move dead ahead. Use the Corvette to capture the enemy's island when all the guns have been destroyed there.
    vie4bleBs - Mortal Sky Battleships code: is an attacking ship with one large caliber cannon on the upper deck. The ship is designed to destroy the coastal guns on the enemy's island at a large distance. Use the Mortal, when there are no enemy ships nearby, or under the cover of your ships.
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