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    Recruitment process:
    - the recruited comrade downloads and enters the game.
    - the friends recruited go to the social share interface before level 30 and enter your number through the link.
    - when you recruited comrade reaches level 30, your recruitment is complete.
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    The number of units gained by the clan study increased (common +10, rare +2 , elite +1). The number of units that can be passed at menu increased (common +20, rare +4, hero +1, legendary card +1). The number of challenge failure +1.
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    Units cards:
    XH9sx4h0m - rifleman: long range units with high attack speed.
    ZRmyeei1T - field supplies: supply drop to increase the attack power of all allied units within a 4m range by 20 and increase their HP by 400.
    8KGiR4b8d - flamer: mid-ranged unit that sprays fire and inflicts damage to all enemies on the front line
    VeEbdz37L - rifleman barracks: riflemen are trained to participate in battle every 6 seconds. After 6 seconds the riflemen are relieved from duty.
    YGjUVfRxT - sapper: melee soldier that deals an additional +62 damage to the enemy buildings.
    sU9RHF5Z8 - firebomb: release a firebomb that burns the enemies within a 4m range and inflicts 120 damage per second for 15 seconds.
    stw22KYns - missile: mini-missile that inflicts 800 damage on the enemies within a 3m range.
    IEBjfrYTj - bunker: fortification with excellent defensive capabilities.
    6EKpeRr5P - grenadier: long ranged unit that throws grenades at the enemies within a 2m range.
    KheTWbgvv - armored infantry: melee infantry with good defensive capabilities.
    FMUjiGw1P - machine gun: a tower equipped with a rapid fire machine gun.
    HfEEz2F3R - medical kit: drop a medical kit which restores 220 HP per second for allied units within a 4m range for 10 seconds.
    8H0ua3wWB - sniper: long ranged unit with an excellent field of fire and attack power but has average HP.
    3MyhZh8Uo - explosive bomb: release an explosive bomb that inflicts 2000 damage on the enemies within a 3m. range.
    6vBXvSUSB - Rhino Buster: mid-ranged unit equipped with protective clothing that reduces support type damage by 45%
    neCObypjn - Ambulance: engineering vehicle loaded with medical and maintenance supplies. Restore 280 HP of allied units within a 5m range. Has a 4 seconds cool down.
    jIAY93H7w - Scorcher wagon: a wagon that throws a mini firebomb to the target area, burning the enemies within a 2m range for 6 seconds.
    m2Pklowf1 - tank: powerful long ranged tank. Transforms into immobile damaged tanks after deth and continues the battle.
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