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    10000 diamonds - f6cuvv6ow. A kind of gem preferred by nobles and royalty. It fetches a high price, fitting for a gem that symbolizes eternity.
    Guaranteed SSR ticket - yUlZVxL9x
    Hero enhance potion - ZmBbxIDAS
    900000 coins - Xrr3l76nK. Gold coins with the crest of the kingdom of Liones. A commonly used from of currency.
    The seven deadly sins draw 11 times - 2NUrivU1W
    Race Draw I (draw 5 times) - LEf2ZZJPK
    Race Draw II - 0o8PX7y6F
    Draw grade R-SSR Human heroes - vazCxpRmg
    Grand cross starter rush draw - zKSfcLcag
    Guaranteed SSR draw - JJzOopVW6
    Grand Cross 3rd Anniv. Poll Draw - JBxpM0rAA
    Monthly subscription upgrade bundle - lcVXQqo9E
    Lucky bag - H3DvPMFKe

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    Acquire more rewards by collecting hearts from various heroes. Increase affection with heroes by winning battles with them on the team or by conversing with them and exchanging gifts. Acquire rewards by collecting certain number of hearts.

    What is the tavern? The tavern is a place you can have a variety of activities, such as a conversation with a variety of characters, eat food, check quests, serve customers, etc. How about to have a good time with a variety of char acters in game?

    Control guide: you can move the main character by tapping or dragging. If you drag lightly, the main character walks. If you do it far away, you can make the main character to run. By moving the main character, you can see the speech bubbles and manipulate variously when you get close to the bar or the bulletin board.

    AP (stamina) - is a point to play stages and events. Ap automatically recovers 1 every 2 minutes. You can recover AP with a diamond by tapping the + button. You can also recover AP through the achievements and if your rank is up. AP fully recovers and its maximum amount increases.

    Rank: you can rise your rank with EXP upon battles. Every time Rank is up, AP will be fully recovered and the maximum AP value and the maximum number of friend increase.

    Gold and diamonds you are possessing now. You cane earn gold and diamonds by clearing stories and guests or using hack The seven deadly Sins cheat code. Gold is required to enhance, evolve, or purchase items at shops in the villages. Diamond is required to recover AP or draw.

    Quest status - this shows your quests on the progress. You can check quest information or move automatically. With the slide bar on the bottom, you can extend or shorten the quest display by dragging it.

    Salvage equipment - this menu is available after Diane joins the taver. You can move to the screen to salvage the equipment by tapping the button.

    Exchange materials - this menu is available after King joins the tavern. You can move to the screen to exchange materials by tapping the button.

    Cooking #The-seven-deadly-Sins - you can move to the screen to cook a variety of cooking by tapping the button.
  • how and where enter
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