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    Hey there, t'm the tutorial bear! Take a moment and hear me out. This is a game about creation and destruction. The controls are simple: one finger to move the camera, two fingers to control zoom. All your powers are at the bottom panel. Here are some important buttons: the save button - ise it to save and load your worlds, custom worlds - create worlds with bigger size, world laws - customize rules for your worlds, drawing - tools to create your world. You can change brush size for some powers. THis button will be on the left. Civilizations - use it to create villages and mess with kingdoms. Creatures and monsters - looking for dragons? This is the place. Nature and disasters - there's also some tools to help your civilizations. Destruction powers - here you can find bombs and nukes. There's so much more stuff in there. Try them out and experiment. Some powers are premium. You can try them for free via pass button. It will appear in top right corner when it's available.

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    World laws - here you can modify world laws more to your liking:
    diplomacy - kingdoms can declare wars and treaties. Rebellions - cities can rebel when have low loyalty. Only works if diplomacy is enabled. Kingdom expansion - kingdoms will send settlers to establish new villages. Stealing borders - allows the stealing of borders between kingdoms at war. Civ babies - babies will be born in villages.

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