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    Just today we received new passwords for a super popular game. There was a catastrophe, the whole land went under water. Many people escaped by using boats and rafts. Over time, some people began to get together and join forces to build huge floating cities. But there are not enough resources, there is a battle for the tree and people - labor. In this application, you begin to control a small raft. You have to cruise all over the map in search of new parts that can be added to your raft to build a huge floating fortress city. There are also a lot of people swimming in the sea, picking them up can be used to capture neighboring cities. The more people on the raft, the more firepower. The easier it is for you to capture other resources, towers, and more. Sometimes chests with gold coins and crystals are scattered on the map, which can be used to expand the city and strengthen Attack and defense.

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    What are passwords for in this game? First, remove the annoying ads that are shown after each level. Also, advertising is removed everywhere, you can get bonuses without watching videos. There are a lot of skins in the game, they can also be opened by entering the letters written below. A lot of skins are exclusive and not yet available to all users, but you can already use them. Open the arena mode where you will fight in real time with other real players. Create clans and play in team battles at the championships. The prize for the first places is very large - exclusive weapons, attack boosters, turrets and much more.

    unlock arena mode - W1UhfFuHd
    off ads - bEqV1zAHd
    gold - OaDllR3dP
    gems - uBMCWZM51
    exclusive skins - porNQwSa2
    vip stauts - BJMMXUy9G
    legendary weapon - 1VmaV44qm
    clans - VhokFhsvv
    multiplayer mode - bhDzbjuNr
    boosters - OD3MRDqhT

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