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    Do you like to drive a car? To drift? Break away from the police? Then this application is exactly for you. There is a very simple control here - when you see a blue stripe on the highway, it means do not hold your finger on the screen. As soon as they saw that the strip had disappeared, they removed their finger. That's it, the car itself goes into turns, drifts and makes feints. But after that, the game is very annoying, because each track is essentially the same. Do you want variety? Then enter alphabetic passwords:
    open all cars - 8v186aOVT
    all cars have different characteristics - tPrvgnfXx
    the police are firing - 9ISaHfgXV
    remove the blue help lane - 0qbz7aViO
    disable ads - Gnu04fKla
    enable multiplayer mode - e1g3vvEam

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    In multiplayer mode, you can compete with friends or other real people in passing the track. There is also a championship where unique cars with excellent characteristics are played, which none of the players have. You can also turn on the chase mode, where you will be in the role of a policeman. Your task is to push or stop a player who has violated traffic. Now a new currency has been introduced - crystals, keys and cases. In the cases you can find additional spare parts, nitro, tires and much more to customize the car. Compete with real opponents, improve your drift skills, disable automatic driving, use passwords and enjoy a great race.
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