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    hunt - enter the hunting grounds as one of 4 hunters. Survive and prove that you are a best one. Hunt as many monsters as possible. Killing monsters gives you experience.
    Co-op - protect the King! You have to protect the king as long as possible. Monsters will be appearing wave after wave. You can collect coop gold, and use it to upgrade your hunter during the game. Coop gold is shared, so it doesn't matter who will pick it. You will be resurrected after beeing killed as long as king and your coop friend is still alive.
    Bounty hunter - enter the arena nad fight with other hunters. You are getting points for killing other hunters. After death you will be respawned. Defeating top player gives bounty.
    Duel - choose 3 of your strongest hunters and try your strength against other player! After a while, both players will be damaged, to finish the round faster.
    Boss hunt - hunt monsters to prepare for the final battle! A huge challenge awaits at the end of the map. The player who deals the most damage to the final boss, wins!

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    Efreet - f54YfjuuS
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    King - LeQwezaAZ
    Void Knight - HixgUEHld
    Scarecrow - SE1EM5zQt
    Franky - DW80ew4xG
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    Bunny - 2GA51pV8O
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