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    Hi leader. We need to build towers immediately. Tap on the markers. Great! Workers will fill towers with ammo. You can see ammo in progress bar above the tower. You can merge two towers of same level into new and better tower. Build more towers and get ready to fight - press start wave. Nice job. Let's do some upgrades. Tap the armory. Don't forget about the power ups. They can save your outpost.
    double speed - xy8UANths. Double the speed of workers outside of battle.
    increase number of workers - 9k0CBNbMJ
    all workers increase speed - 8KlaQta9n
    all workers carry more ammo - q2QntwDNj
    increase range of tower - su3kgHuZr
    all towers damage increases - hGUmDWbVu
    all towers hit chance increases - 2QHOwopLG
    all towers headshot increases - 07yXxe6GN
    100000 coins - 5VelWs3A3
    10000 gems - lQ9OJ6pUV
    game speed x10 - XWVSva6B1
    elite pack - Xf9Ml2nfd
    mega pack - 3sfjIOxFu

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    Emp - emmits strong electric shockwaves that paralyze zombies. Big zombies can crush our wall. make it stronger. Your task is to defend yourself at any cost. Our passwords will help to diversify the gameplay. So by entering them you can improve any cannon to the maximum, increase your city in size or switch to another map. Boss battle scenarios and multiplayer will also be available to you, where you and other players will have to keep the fortress from the invasion of an endless horde of zombies. Less successful completion of the mission, the player who destroyed more of the enemy gets an exclusive tower. You can also create clans and exchange new towers.
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