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    The upgraded engineer robot can destroy firewall installed each floor easier. Carrying transport - stores the sample collected from zombies. Cane arn money by selling it. Upgrade transport to increase max loadage. If upgrade the combat squad, can obtain more samples from zombies. Tap AP is very important when you deal with super zombie.
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    PtfaCnd2x - carrier: improve carrying sample efficiency;
    H4GR4M2xr - laser cannon: destroys firewall with great energy;
    lsXdKeIb7 - sample refrigerator: can sell sample at a higher price;
    vOovBy8Kq - cube detector: detects the cube and tells the locaction;
    pK9oxYt6x - zombie detector: detects the super zombie and tells the location;
    tSZqoYzns - super ARMS: attacks super zombies more efficiently;
    ujrUKWwmE - bomb strengthen: firewall bomb power up;
    x61nZctg2 - search ships: shorten search time;
    cQIi0CGhX - bomb maker: produces firewall bomb.
    1NvHKhnkc - limit break

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    In the game, you personally do not have to do anything. You have a drill with which you have to get to the lowest floor. You have elite soldiers who "explore" the levels with the living dead and shoot them. For this, you get the material that you spend on improving the drill and the army. The goal of the game is to get to the lowest level. Game management exclusively through the improvement of the army, drill, or machine with the storage of material. Actually, that's the whole game.

    I'll be honest with you to the end - I didn't understand the meaning of this game at all. This is not even a clicker, where at least there is an opportunity to "click" the monsters myself, here my task is solely to watch how slowly the drill is trying to get to the lowest level (1000, if I'm not confusing anything). That is, this game can be played to the very end, yes. That's just you have to spend a lot of time for this. And to be honest, there are many ways to spend this very time on more useful things or even games, rather than running this misunderstanding.

    Actually, this is the whole "game" process. But can we do anything in this game other than pointlessly sticking to the screen and collecting resources in the car when the space limit runs out? Yes, just a little. For example?

    Hack Zombie Hive cheat code

    Ultimate draw - xYKoCCVGm
    premium draw - p1hznwJhr
    Katy's promise: chance to get 30,000 quantum cubes - oIK2VaOIo
    500000 quantum cubes - AZRTWrwqa
    super DNA - 2Hl0gpKe6. Very rare DMA only extracted from super zombies and used to hired the specialists.

    For example, we can spend the materials extracted from the living dead to improve the hull, engine or drill tip to speed up the drilling process lower and lower to the most important level, reaching which we seem to finally finish this game.

    In addition, we can improve our army. Visually, their appearance changes, and there may be more of them in the squad, which will speed up the extraction of resources. Otherwise, these are just numbers that affect only the acceleration of some game processes. There are no visual changes in the game.

    We should also not forget to improve the machine, which is the repository of our resources. The higher the level of the machine, the more capacity it has for the material that we extract during the downward drilling process.

    Well, there are "additional" missions in the form of "rescue" of survivors at the level. This is expressed by the fact that the door lights up on the left side of the screen on the door of a certain level. You click on it, and a living person runs out of there, who rushes to your troops. And if you are hoping that a zombie might try to grab her, then I hasten to disappoint you. There is no such randomness in the application.

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