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    production for 24h - asooOvak3
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    Welcome to this lovely place. Let's start to build. A few more click and the dock is yours. Tap on the workers to collect crops. Tap and hold to help harves faster. It's time to load the waggon. Perfect! Now load the ship and sell the cargo. Tap and hold to load the ship faster. Super! You earned your first coins, let's improve your ship.
    Income pass - sg5TyYvbN
    max ship load - uPRGmySHJ
    Upgrade - fe4lOcwDN
    Repaint - p9krZbydG
    Change ship - DHIQLCDUk
    You can hire someone to help. The captain will manage loading, and sailing your ship. Let's build the second dock. Tap and hold and the dock is yours. Play more and unlock amazing world with new towns, ship race, expeditions and lots of fun.

    We process requests in Google store and make updates:
    1. Dear developers, make it so that you can play online or even with other players, in the same way to get coins and build troops for coins, fight with each other!Help each other exchange coins with crystals of a certain amount!

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    HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
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    Enter RQMlTgJhe, wait for the files to load and re-enter the game. In the panel below you will have an arena and an open world on the map, where there will be group battles with the boss, for which crystals, gold, unique ships and premium captains (managers) are given. For coins and crystals, you are now not only improving your port and fleet, but also hiring a team, putting weapons on ships. During trading, if your fleet is poorly armed, your earnings may be intercepted by pirates or other players. So now you will need to add combat escorts to your merchant ships.

    2. There is one very big request: Make an improvement of the ship, port, wagon not only by pressing a button, but also by "rapid improvement", for example, to the nearest star or immediately to the maximum of the scale, indicating the cost of coins, because at high levels, when you press the improvement button, it takes a long time for the scale to fill up.

    Enter the code lw2QKr8TA and now you can choose several items to improve by 5, 15, 100, as much as possible (for all the money).

    2. You need to continue the game, new tasks, new ports, otherwise it got boring. When passing tea and the workshop, it is no longer interesting and of the same type. And so the game is GREAT, especially at the beginning of the journey. Statistics on their ships would be nice to do, there are a lot of them and it is difficult to remember where the best are and in which port they work. Well, the chat in the game is also needed.
    cheat for admission to the chat - G4MvqrdqH
    added tasks - E7Agcpiuq
    new ports - cYJeRLzmG
    hacking Pocket Ships for a new update, see above. Added a lot of functionality.

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