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    The planet looks promising! Let's see if we can find some valuable ores! Let's start building our mining empire! Purchase the highlighted deposit. We should upgrade our mine and ship to speed thing up! Enter the resource menu by tapping the mothership. Sell the carbon by selecting it and tap the sell button to sell it. There we go! That's how you earn money, i'm sure you will put them to good use.
    Boosts pass:
    l1vFzJbek - laser boost: 20$ faster mining speed for all resources deposits for 48 hours
    AbuK2qQSN - deposit overdrive: x10 efficiency for 48 hours on a resource deposit you choose
    smPDdSEpl - increase idle time
    cdGEKcAUm - angel investment: your mothership sends you 10% of planet value
    zFUmHDYQZ - mass production: x10 speed to all refineries and constructors
    ZaHYK0fV4 - time bender

    If ore is stacking up in a resource deposti, your ship will prioritize the most valuable ores. We should do some research, it could greatly improve our operations.
    premium astronauts - ZaHYK0fV4
    starter pack - fiBHACPss
    elite pack - tnpysbJo8
    legendary pack - pE6iZEWRf
    no ads - gXRvuERGD
    relics - kCHaJR3GW
    science points - xTHGHyjoF
    rank up - jJFMCk0SA
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    How can i get purchases restored? Go into the shop by tapping the bottom right button. Scroll to the bottom of the screen. Tap "restore purchase".
    What does science points do? Science points are used to level up your astronauts when you've collected enough cards to level up. We've planning on adding more usage for the science points.

    What will i keep if i move to another planet? All relics, your mothership, astronauts, boosts, refinery / constructor ug. Everything else is reset.

    What do astronauts do? Astronauts enhance certain elements of your resource deposits when they are placed on once.

    How can i tell my planet's worth? Currently you can only see your worth by multiplying the 'angel investment' value with 10.

    Is there multiplayer? No, we have plans to add leaderboards and competative weekend events though!

    What does the transport speed mean?
    This is the speed that the ships have when they travel back and forth between your base and your mines. Upgrade this to make it go faster.

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