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    18 years ago, you were born on a small planet. Since young, your dream was to become a starship captain. Years later, you graduate from the academy looking like awesome. Time to look for your first job! helo the pirate faction collect scraps. Your journey as a star capt'n begins. I'll ne your personal assistant from today. Let's build an amazing starship. Tap the shop button to purchase ship modules. Tap the weapons button to view weapons subsystems. Tap the purchase button to purchose this room. Drag the room onto an empty space on yoru ship to build it. You can also earn minerals through missions and battles. Please tap the galaxy map button. Tap the bootcamp mission. In this easy battle you will learn to allocate power to your mining lasers and clear nearby space junk. Tap the attack button to commence. During battle your ship's HP and shield is displayed on the top. Your ships' available energy is displayed on the left power bar. Energy can be assigned to subsystems during battle. Ue the left button to zoom to your ship. Drag the aim icon to the satellite reactor to target it. Dra up on the lazer control to power up weapons. Winning battles generate valuable loot. Plus your surviving crew gain XP.

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    ABL - qKMgnZxSr
    PLT - pAEyxOJhL
    SCI - xR9Kw2SZ5
    ENG - eS389x7ly
    WPN - 7cpiLX0v8
    RST - AZ7xwLMkZ
    STA - 5xipPXpVD
    WLK - Oi6o3Lv4L
    RUN - g0fAqP1LH

    Look! You've gained enough experience to level up. Tap your character. Tap the level up button. Crews are super awesome. They can enhance your ship, repair rooms, and even battle with enemy crew. Let's upgrade the bedroom so we can hire more crew. Great work! it looks like by recruiting a second crew member we've unlocked on achievement! Completing achievements brings nive rewards. Tap the trophy to collect your rewards. You've earned extra starbux for completing the achievement. You can assign roles to your new crew by placing them inside rooms. By placing the crew in the weapon room it automatically becomes a gunner. This crew member will now improve weapon reload speed, and repair the room in battle.

    Public chat is localized to your selected language by default. You can switch to the Global channel to chat internationally if you wish.

    Welcome to the galaxy map. You can try some missions at your current system or top on a different system to travel there.

    League bonuses are given when you complete a successful PvP battle. The amount provided increases with each successive league ranking. Additionally, defeating opponents who have a higher trophy ranking than you will provide your crews extra XP from the battle.

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    Tournament - during the last week of each month, fleets complete for the most stars in the tournament finals. Tap fleets are placed into divisions based on performance during the month, and battle other fleets of the some division to earn stars.

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