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    Giant bugs are going to attack our robot colony. You must the robot base. Tap to make loaders. Loaders produce energy. Use the energy to produce miners. Miners produce ore. When the base if attacked, use the ore to produce defenders. Now the fate of the colony is at your hands. We are counting on you! You can control robots manually, tap on the robot 2 2 times or tap and press 'control robot' button to control it.

    Loader - search for organic matter and bring it to the base bioreactor to produce energy. Energy is used to produce other robots. Miner - search for ore and bring it to base. Ore is used to produce defenders. Defender - stay near the base to protect it. Base - the main building, destruction of the base will cause a defeat. The base allows producing several types of robots.

    Stash - decreases robot production cost. There is a stash building on every map. Stash bonus starts to work when the stash is discovered.

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    A new battle mode against a real enemy - develop your base, create a huge army and go to destroy the enemy. Don't forget to improve your defense and develop a good strategy.
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