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    When you initiate a match by clicking the battle button, the system tries to find an optimal opponent for you. Some thing to note:
    - matchmaking is based on a variety of factors including difference in medal count, difference in level, and win/loss streak.
    - in certain ranks, if a real life opponent isn't found after a certain amount of time a bot opponent will be automatically selected.
    - in the higher ranks, after a certain amount of time, players will have the option of playing a bot match.
    - bots are designed to provide a rewarding, yet challenging experience, and may be a few levels higher than you.

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    Ad reward basics: ad rewards are a great way to get a small boost for your loot chests and/or battle pass progress, quickly and foe fre. When you tap the button, you'll be shown an ad and after viewing the entirety of it, you'll be given the respective reward. Please note, there are a few things to keep in mind: you can only redeem up to 4 chest sjip and 3 battle token rewards every 24 hours.

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    The battle pass is a progressive rewards system that provides both basic (free) rewards to all players and premium(paid or use tickets) rewards to premium players. Players will progress through the battle pass levels by completing missions and can claim a level's respective reward once they've reached that level.

    Each battle pass lasts an entire month and when one ends a new one immediately begins, complete with new rewards. Players will then start at the beginning and start progressing once again. Players will have the entire new month to collect the rewards from the previous month before they;re gone.

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