War alliance basics of spectating
  • War alliance basics of spectating.

    Spectating allows you to see a live view of a match currently underway. As of the writing of this article, there are two ways to view matches - live TV and clan spectating.

    The live TV function allows you to queue to watch a random match, which is selected based on the filters you set. Currently, the filter is restricted by rank, but more options are planned for the future. To access live TV, simply tap the menu button and select live TV from the drop-down menu.

    From there, you'll be able to select the range of ranks you'd like to watch a match from. Please note, you'll always queu to watch an upcoming match and will be unable to join a match already in progress.

    Clan spectate:
    You can watch a match of your fellow clan mates, and unlike Live TV, you can join a match that is already in progress! To see if a match is in progress and ready to spectate, go to your clan list and you will see a small "eye" icon on the left side of the player's name. Simply tap their name and them 'spectate', to immediately join their match,
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    you will be able to see the current power and deck of each person in the match. Cards are revealed as they are played. When watch live TV, you will immediately queue for a new match, once the current match has concluded.
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