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    Hacked battleplans android, ios

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    battleplans android, ios hack

    Faithful Peasants, it's time to take revenge on the Skulls. We'll reconquer the kingdom and rescue our friends to reunite our army. Seems the skulls are keeping the Monk just north.
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    On the first Crystal he steps on the Monk drops a stone ring than then defends the crystal. To win, we must control two crystals battleplans when time runs out.

    Adept - her meteor burns all units caught in its explosion. Dwarf runic shock - he slams the ground to knock down all enemies. Mage battleplans - he teleports to a friendly squard or to his orb. Witch - she renders her squad invisible. Monk - he places a tone ring on the first crystal he touches. Alchemist - she drops a flask bomb where she dies or sets traps with it.

    Priestess - in attack, slide the priestess' arrow on an enemy squad, wait 1s for the spell to appear and release to cast her Ice Wave. In defense battleplans, the priestess casts an Ice wave along her path at the time set on her banner or when she dies.

    how to enter cheats battleplans.

  • how and where enter
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