War alliance basics of combat
  • War alliance basics of combat.

    In game, you use your forces to try an topple the opposing player's hero, by sending your battle deck on units into battle and maneuvering your hero to most effectively attack or defend from the advancing enemy units.

    Control: by dragging and dropping the desired unit card onto the arena map, it will spawn and automatically make its way towards the nearest opposing hero, unit, or structure in which it can attack. It will proceed to attack until it is destroyed or the opposing hero is destroyed.

    Tap on the map to move your hero. Once it position, heroes will automatically attack those units it can, based on ground and air targeting restrictions (i.e. heroes that can only attack air units will not target ground units). You can alos target a specific unit, hero, or building by tapping on it.
    You can use hack War alliance cheat codesfor health packs - which give your hero some of its hit points back, will occasionally spawn on your starting point. Simply move your hero to the health pack and they will automatically pick it up and regain health.

    War alliance area of control & using hero

    You will only be able to spawn your units within your area of control. Your opponent's area of control will be highlighted in red when you try and put a unit on the map. By defeating your opponent's towers you will decrease their area of control and increase your own, making it easier to spawn your units closer to the enemy hero.

    How you use your hero is a crucial part of each battle. Once activated, your hero will automatically attack any units it's able to attack within its range. Some heroes only attack ground units, while other only attack air units, while some attack both. The abilities of each hero is unique to that hero and has its own drawbacks and benefits. Please keep your hero's class in mind when choosing your strategy.

    Controlling hero: to move your hero, simply tap on the battlefield to instruct it where you want it to go. You may also target a specific unit, herom or building by tapping on it. This will cause the hero to continually pursue and attack that target unit it, or the hero, is destroyed.

    Healing a hero: the bars at the top of the screen are the hit points of the two opposing heroes. As you take damage, your hit points will decrease. To help keep you in the match and let you regain some of those hit points, health packs will spawn on your spawning point throughout the match. Simply navigate your hero to the health pack and it will automatically regain some lost health.
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