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    The better the rooms are - the more we can charge. But it's almost dinner time, let's find somebody who can cook something out of barley. Nice! But don't hire too many folks, we must keep paying them. Now check this out - feedback from customers! let's get nose deep into this stuff. Oh, it's actually a note...and a very unpleasant one! Let's improve this place while haters hate.
    double room - perfect for couples or friends who want to share a room.
    single room - room with a single bed for one person.
    magic generator - generates magical energy to power equipment.
    cleaners room - this is a longe for staff. Here employees spend their free time.
    front desk - here administrators welcome guests and manage check-ins and checkouts.
    kitchen - the restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Try to serve all hotel guests or they will be unhappy.
    Bar - here tavern guests can relax and have a drink.

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    Excellent, with all this buildings we can accommodate couples and get double profit. Keep up the good work and we'll soon have an amazing inn! You and i will make this place worth the king one day. Look, there's rules. If you're not making this clean and profitable soon we'll have to burn it. I'll give you a change, of course. I'll even help you this time. There's a CV in your mailbox, maybe at least start hiring so i get some taxes.

    Alright, people hired, Inn is working! Let's continue improving it! We'll make Prancing Frog great again! Wait, why is it Fog now, wasn't it supposed to be Fog? We need to fix the signboard...Oh God, this nightmare will never end. Now we got a complaint form our workers, even they demand to improve this pace. Using magic is easier than inventing stuff so make sure you always have enough. A hosekeepers seem to be happy now. A cozy couch, better equipment and a respectable place to work and we're friends again!

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