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  • Idle inn Tycoon stars, build new rooms

    I cannot get 5 stars in the Inn. How do I do that?
    Stars represent the quality and comfort of your inn in the eyes of your visitors. To increase stars you have to buy and upgrade new items and unlock new rooms. To have 5 stars you have to construct all of the rooms and services, buy and upgrade all items in all of them.
    To check what you are missing in your Inn to get 5 stars you’ll need to press the management button (bottom right corner of the screen) and select the statistics tab. There, you will see a scrollable list of your rooms and services and a round progress bar for each of them, indicating the progress of your upgrades inside of them. Probably you’ve missed a parking upgrade or something minor :)
    Please note: the premium upgrades (that cost gems) are not needed to reach 5 stars.

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    I’ve completed 8 Inns, got 35 stars and there’s no new Inn opening. Is it normal?At the moment the game is limited to only 8 Inns, but we're currently working on adding more. Our top priority is to expand the in-game content and delivering you new exciting innovations.
    Patience always pays off.

    I am out of magic! Why and what should I do know?Most of the inn’s furniture and services require a magic source unless it’s just a table with no signs of magic whatsoever. The newly constructed rooms will also require magic for lights.
    To increase your magic, you have to upgrade a magic generator or magic kettles in the magic room.

    Idle inn Tycoon How do I build new rooms?

    To build new rooms, go to room management. Each room or service will require gold and has some base magic consumption in order to be constructed. Be sure to have some spare gold left after purchase to maintain your Inn.

    My profits are low, how do I earn more?Your profits are the difference between Inn’s income and expenses, which include salaries.
    Try to optimize the amount of your staff (each service has a number of visitors one worker can provide service to) and to fire extensive staff and focus on upgrading objects in rooms or services to increase profit per client first.

    My staff resigns! What is the problem?All of your staff have a daily wage that is paid at the end of their shift. If you don’t have enough gold to pay their wages they will resign and never come back again.
    Remember that the recruitment process in medieval times is complicated since there is no LinkedIn or email. It will cost you an additional gold to find and hire a new staff member again.
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