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    Why are you so late! I'll let you the details later, let's just get into the battle right now. The Great prophet of Baa told me: a savior who will protect Baa from darkness will come from another world. That savior is you! You are already ready. Then shall we go to the world of Baa?

    That's monsters created by Shadow legion. They look similar to us, but they are monsters without free will. Now shall we check whether the prophet's words are true? Let's defeat it! When you level up, your abilities increase. Higher stats will make future battles easier. Now i'll show you a new way to fight. It's a faster way to fight the battle. Use pass, then x10 speed, ten tap auto button. You defeat the enemy! So cool! You learn quickly, savior! I'll give you tips on how to fight more effectively!

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    A new hero came to you after the rumor that the 'the savior from the another world' had appeared. See seems like a supporter with skills to support other heroes. If you level up heroes and place them in your squad she will help you in future battles. We need to out a new hero into the squad! Heroes who reached the maximumlevel can be upgraded. Upgraded heroes have higher stats and higher max level stats. But to upgrade a hero, you need a soul. Depending on the upgrade level, sometimes you need to same hero as well as as oul. But don't worry! You can easily acquire souls and heroes in Baa!

    Heroes are divided into tiers: C, UC, R, SR and SSR. The initial rating varies depending on the tier, and some tiers are limited in growth so that you cannot be promoted.
    - C, UC hero: started from 1-star. Cannot promoted.
    - R hero: starter from 1 star
    - SR hero: started from 2 star
    - SSR hero started from 3 star.

    Heroes are divided into water, fire, earth, holy, and dark properties, and the damage they give and the damage they take are affected according to the property. Tanker, dealer, supporter, debuffer. It is divided into 3 classes and has class specific skills.

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