Designer City money, gold, diamonds
  • Designer City money, gold, diamonds

    In-Game Money and Gold

    Money and gold are the main currencies in the game. Commercial, industrial and transport buildings will yield in-game money. The exceptions to this are the stock exchange, the gold mine and the launch pads which all yield gold. When you have a stock exchange in your city you can exchange gold for in-game money at any time and exchange in-game money for gold when you reach level 100.
    If at anytime you feel you need more in-game money or gold to grow your city quicker, these can be purchased through the app store you downloaded your game from by tapping the + on the currency bar. We advise that you have a stable internet connection when making purchases (WiFi if possible).


    Diamonds are the game's premium currency. They can be generated in the launch/space pads, diamond mine and diamond exchange. They can sometimes be earned by completing contracts in your gold transportation and military buildings. Each time you collect your income from these buildings there is a small chance that you will receive a diamond. This is proportional to the buildings initial purchase cost.
    Diamonds are also awarded for levelling up when you have reached level 50, some challenges and achievements and as a bonus on most in-app purchases. Watching an advert can also award a diamond.

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    The launch/space pads, diamond mine and diamond exchange all yield diamonds.
    The diamond exchange building unlocks the diamond exchange and is available at level 50.
    If at anytime you feel you need more diamonds to grow your city quicker, these can be purchased through the app store you downloaded your game from by tapping the + on the currency bar. We advise that you have a stable internet connection when making purchases (WiFi if possible).

    Daily Reward

    Every 24 hours that you log into the game you will get a reward. Prizes will increase in value with every daily bonus.
    Please note, this is a game day not a calendar day.

    Free Gold

    One free gold (or a diamond) can be awarded for watching a short video in the game. As this feature is provided by a third party, sometimes there will not be a video to watch, but please check back later. There is a daily limit on watching ads.
    You can also earn free money and gold by visiting other cities and putting out fires. Every 5th fire will award gold, and you will be able to put out 100 fires each day.

    Challenges and Achievements

    In-game Money, Gold and Diamonds can be earned by completing challenges and achievements in the game. Tap the trophy icon to find these.


    The bar graph icon on your screen will show you an overview of your city's statistics. You can check your city's finances and service coverage and what your city requirements are. If the graph's bar is to the right this means you have a need for that type of building. If it is to the left, this mean that you too much of that type of building to make a balanced city.

    Designer City Trading, Food, eye tool


    If you have excess power, water, food or trash collection you can trade these for additional income for your city. You can sell a bit, a lot, or all of your excess production. If your city needs more resources these values will be dynamically adjusted to meet demand (if possible).
    Power, water and trash services can also be purchased. You can purchase up to 150% of the current demand in your city.
    Note: Trading contracts last for 5 minutes and are automatically renewed whilst you are playing the game.


    Buildings in the farming category will yield food. Food can either be sold or saved and later, exchanged for diamonds. You will need a diamond exchange in your city to unlock the exchange and have reached player level 50.
    Note: If you have sold your food it cannot then be used in the diamond exchange.
    PollutionOne of the main challenges is to manage pollution and keeping ecology high. One of the best ways of boosting ecology is to provide trash services for your city. Buildings with trash coverage will pollute 50% less than buildings without coverage.
    Trees and parks will naturally soak up pollution so use these to make your city a happy and healthy place to live.

    Eye Tool

    This function allows you to see the zones in your city. Each building is replaced with a coloured tile indicating what type of building it is. This will also show you the upgrade level of each building.
    Buildings can be placed and upgraded when using the eye tool. Trees can also be moved and deleted when using eye tool. This is a useful feature for when a tree is behind a building and you can't get to it normally. You can also build transportation and landscape your city.
    If you enable the enhanced eye tool you can cycle through each category of building. For example, you can limit the game to only show your residential buildings.

    City Name

    Tap on your player level to rename your city. In that screen you can also see who has viewed and liked your city, see how other players have rated your city.
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