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    Residential buildings provide housing for the people living in your city. Residential buildings are greatly affected by pollution and should not be placed too near commercial and industrial buildings. Try and keep residential buildings together and surround them with parks, trees and decorations for maximum happiness.


    Commercial buildings provide (medium density) jobs for your residents. Commercial buildings are mildly affected by pollution but should still be kept away from industrial buildings. Commercial provide less income than industrial but will yield quicker. The higher the commercial buildings happiness and the greater the buildings upgrade level the greater the yield will be.


    Industrial buildings provide (high density) jobs for your residents. Industrial buildings are not affected by pollution and should be placed with other industrial buildings. Industrial income is higher than commercial but they will yield slower. The higher the industrial buildings happiness and the greater the buildings upgrade level the greater the yield will be.

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    Community buildings provide (low density) jobs for your residents and boost happiness for surrounding buildings. Community buildings are only mildly affected by pollution and can be placed anywhere. Community employment adds to your commercial employment.


    Utility buildings provide (low density) jobs for your residents and provide your city with much needed water and power supply and trash removal. Utility buildings are not affected by pollution and should be placed with other industrial/utility buildings. Some power stations are polluting and should be separated from the rest of your city. Using green energy will actually lower the pollution in your city as they generate clean energy.


    Transportation is the key to keeping your city happy by taking the load off of your road network. This will not only reduce pollution but will increase city happiness too. Build bus and railway networks to efficiently move residents around your city. Build seaports to boost your commerce and airports to move people in and out of your thriving city. Airports must have at least 3 square of runway to function.


    Farm buildings provide (low density) jobs for your residents and provide your city with food. Food can be traded for money or collected and exchanged for diamonds in the diamond exchange. Note: you will need the diamond exchange in your city for this to function.

    Designer City subway, special buildings


    To build subway, select the subway tool from the road menu. This will open a new layer, tap where you would like your subway to go and when finished, tap the green check mark. Subway stations can be found in the transport menu and will show on the subway layer when placed. We would advise putting the subway stations in first for ease of building.
    DecorationsDecorations provide a boost for both happiness and ecology. Increase city happiness by liberally decorating your city with as many parks and trees as you can. Neutralise pollution by placing lots of trees near polluting buildings.

    Special Buildings

    Special buildings can only be purchased with diamonds as they are exclusive buildings to add to your city. They can be residential, commercial, industrial or decorations. Because they are exclusive buildings they will have the greatest capacity for population, employment and/or happiness.

    Hints and Tips

    Most buildings will reduce city happiness, add pollution and consume resources. To counter this, add community buildings, decorations and utilities as your city grows.
    Buildings are happiest when they have police, fire, education and health coverage. The higher the coverage, the larger the happiness boost they will receive. Tap the STATS button on the building info screen to see how much coverage the building has.
    Buildings that cost gold/diamonds to purchase will provide much more population, employment or happiness. They will also have free upgrades and place much lower demands on city services than normal buildings.
    Piers will spawn ships only if the exit is facing open water.
    Buildings on water do not need city services coverage.
    Airports (civillian and military) will need at least 3 straight runway pieces to function.
    How Many Of Each Building Can I Place?You can place as many of each building as you like, but be aware that the cost of each building increases the more you add. Building lots of the same building will affect your DC rank.

    What Happens When I Upgrade A Building?
    Buildings can be upgraded to level 10. Upgrading buildings increases their residential capacity, employment, happiness and/or ecology. Upgrading city services and decorations increases their area of effect and they will provide cover to more surrounding buildings. You can see the "area of effect" of a building by selecting it.

    What is a buildings "Area of effect"?
    When you select a building it will draw a circle on ground showing the "area of effect". A white circle show sity services coverage, as you upgrade your city services this area will increase.
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