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    Use switch button to open up the marble and get your weapons. Aim at the enemy to shoot. To win you need to destroy others and collect coins. There are 3 rounds for now, save coins.

    Inventory - here you will find all the stat about an item. One weapons can be equipped on left or right slot.
    j81RirVmZ - Atom: shoots a blistering blast of 4 plasma balls. Downtime between bursts is rather long so you better not miss
    v9zf50Opz - Butch: epic machine gun with the highest fire rate. Impress your enemies with a flurry of bullets.
    uyupG8OpP - Dragon: epic rocket launcher that propel rockets that damages everyone inside an explosion, rockets fly slowly but inevitably.
    obePZmL7l - Heat: legendary beamgun emits a beam of energy that heats over time. Don't stop shooting with this one otherwise beam power will roll back to minimum.
    3wPXTer62 - Javelin: railgun with good fire rate and damage. It shoots rather far so nobody will escape you.
    dd1KSrRkL - Piercer: this railgun slowly but with projectiles so powerful that enemies bounce back. It has the highest range so go sniping those marbles.
    pwCmJH84I - Rhino: shotgun that hits everything in area with destroying scatter shot. Lackluster range as ususal for weapons.
    XvYZvjDPL - Acid: weapon that shoot acid clots which sticks to anything. If unfortunately marble plumps in one of those. It will take acid damage for some time.
    DYRhZgJFJ - Typhoon: auto-riple with powerful rounds and cool crits, however low fire rate is it's downside.
    l2dTXpaBh - Ice: weapon that shoots with a freezing beam. The longer your target is under it's influence, the slower it becomes.

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    Mode selection: here you have multiple gamemodes to choose from! They unlock as your level increases.

    7TmbCIAmK - Kesha: marble, specialized in neutralizing targets. Keep the momentum!
    SxKZhCwlY - Hunter head: marble dedicated to taking it's enemies down. Ram into your opponents and back off!
    ZnB4i9eFU - Patton head: little marble tank. He has a ton of health but moves really slow.
    kYAl62a0u - Orc head: orc is decent all-round fighter always ready to take a punch.
    4JTyGwhQV - King head: durable and proud king of marbles. In gunfight moves at steady pace but can soak a lot of damage.

    0v9JYTqyC - King Torso.
    BTfxg1enK - Orc
    3IuAn1fVD - Patton
    v7SIMkH6V - Kesha
    g7YB1moRj - Hunter
    MefdUH4VD - King Torso.
    DOtNqXWeg - Orc
    CQY763V3F - Patton
    CLodSe09O - Kesha
    MznNIhSp3 - Hunter

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