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    The green mark is the next punching bag's position. If you run into the punching bag, you will lose. If you attack the air, you will lose. If you hit the punching bag quickly, a combo will start. Attack rapidly to keep the combo from breaking. If you combo is 10 or more, your hits will count as 2 each. If your first hit is quick, you will get a bonus hit. You got a new collection. Please go to the collection screen to check. Characters that are full of personality. Punching bags that you just want to hit all day.From now on, it'll be the real deal. Go and become the champion.

    Hit rank - here's how you can earn coins for free. Open the free coin bomb box to fill up your collection. If you pass double coins, all coins earned while opening will be doubled. There is a golden clokc that gives huge bonuses every day. Tap the golden clock button on the right.

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    Unlock champions:
    №19 - 26OvBzu9S
    B.G.C - KnLov772h
    Cha Cha - tF4pbwpC0
    returning Student - xLrXTD4bF
    Squirrel - fn8Lwi7o2
    Shokyo - lHjQ5mXqo
    Mr. Choo - vbGiUFySx
    Asuka - xx19SVc0e
    Ring Ring - om1jwi1bN
    Zolatan - V6gbvBb9f
    Gazua - toChLsEAx
    Nero - emGDUwyAe
    Persia - BEhu1UX6q
    Zhang Chen - dfSEM7b5S
    Woong Lee - w0FUcVuu4
    Halla - flvr8uJft
    Annie - 0sBW9jtW2
    Eugene - H2AGQXp1A
    Hanzo - iVrnHW30o
    UI - 9l6E6CCHe
    Moa - HKTzT1zj6
    Roman - AhLcyJl5u
    Leandra - WMxwL2VXt
    Victoria - R1MfUNhmA
    May - HoP2XRtn4
    Rotten Smile - aX0kkuFTm
    Unlock all punching bags - yQRLoAapM
    Double coins - y6kQsLH1J
    unlimited revives - xV49R7kA1
    4000 diamonds - Ym3FfKMLb
    20000 coins - w7yTpX5xN
    friendship coins - RrIQf9PoB
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