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    Miya, a mysterious girl, what's her bug secret? All the forces of Sheila galaxy fight against each other for it? Will the ancient prediction come true? As a junior star hunter, how would you lead your battle angels and Miya to get through the difficulties? Go through everything with Miya! What kind of relationship will you build? Friendship, kinship or love... The story still goes on, and you are the hero!
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    during the Horcard collecting week, there will be a Horcard giftpack with super pass! Commanders can tap the Horcard giftpack tab in the event interface to give it during the event period. Commanders can obtain massive amount of event item combat coupon and yellow crystal after completing cumulative recharge and cumulative consumption mission.

    Enter the main quest by tapping the element with exclamation mark on it. You can do it even if your spaceship is not next to it. Free exploration: drag the steering wheel in the lower left corner to control the spaceship to move in the starry sky. Each star map corresponds to a chapter of story. You can go to a new star map after passing the current chapter. Elements on star map will be reset automatically when you go to next star map.

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    Progress records the adventure progress of current star map. Events on the star map could be completed repeatedly. Progress will restart when you complete all missions. After interacting of progress, interactive elements will refresh regularly. There are also hidden elements in the star map, such as pirates in the red area. You can find special interactive elements by explore. You can get progress points by completing adventure events, more points more rewards. After collecting all progress rewards, events and rewards will be refreshed, and a new round of progress will start.

    The hunter certification will start on the second day after the player creates the role. Period of the hunter certification is 30 days. The hunter badge can be obtained by completing daily and weekly missions. When the certification is reset, all rewards can be received but not received will be sent my mail. Within 72 hours before the end of the hunter certification, you can buy the hunter badge by spending diamonds. The hunter ID card for hunter assessment need to re-unlock after reset.

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    Adventure - drive the spaceship to move on the star map arbitrarily in the adventure, you can trigger a variety of different events and get rewards after completing them. Pay attention to the fuel moving your spaceship.

    God - promote the designated S hero to the designated star, you can unlock the powerful God to improve combat power.
    UAV - A and S heroes could equip UVA after evolving to 3 silver star. UVA can increase the state of heroes and has its own skill.
    Artifact - Miya can equip three different kinds of artifacts. Change different artifacts will change the combination and strategy of your formation.
    War spirit - you can use war spirit to exchange gene of S heroes in gene pool of biological cabin. War spirit could be obtained by transform A or S genes.
    Element Elf - will offer element shield and powerful buff to contractor. Deal more damage when function restrained.

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