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    How to bind email to a visitor account: after the visitor enters the game, click on the avatar in the upper left corner of the lobby to enter the personal information interface. At the bottom of the personal information interface, you can see the option to bind email and mobile phone number. After binding, you can use your email and mobile phone number to log in to the game.

    How to recharge: at the top of the main interface, there is a resource bar for star coupons and diamonds, click either "+", and then click the 'recharge' tab.

    How to produce commander item: after entering the production cabin, enter the produce tab and select the item you want to produce. You can produce it when the materials required are sufficient.

    How to switch artifact quickly: before the battle, click on the artifact icon in the upper right corner of Miya to quickly switch. If there is a flashing round icon appears in the lower left corner of Miya and other heroes, it means that the artifact's attribute bonus has been activated.

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    How to use commander item: before the battle, click on the item slot in the left to choose the commander items to carry. After entering the battle, you can use it by clicking the item icon on the right side of the interface in the manual combat.

    How to breed Gene: after entering the biological cabin, enter the Breed tab, select the Gene you want to bred. You can produce it when the materials required are sufficient.

    How to communicate with others: click the white message button in the lower left corner of the main interface, and you can choose three chat methods: world, legion and message at the top after entering.

    What is the order of combat: in a battle, the combat power of allies and enemies determines the order of combat, and the higher side will act first.

    Angel legion what is the impact of artifacts on combat

    Some heroes can release combo skills with artifact carried by Miya, causing additional damage. Equipping different artifacts can make Miya and the hero standing in a specific position get attribute bonuses as the level of the artifact increases.

    Where can i find the pirates and drift box: pirates are hidden in the red area of the star map. Passing near the pirates will trigger the battle story. The drift box is hidden anywhere on the map, and it will trigger a special story when approaching.

    How to unlock the God: to unlock the God, you need to obtain the corresponding Angel, and the Angel must evolve to required star level. The higher quality God has a higher star level requirement.

    How does the God influence the formation bonus: after God enters the battle, all hero attributes in the team can be improved. During battle ,every time our hero attacks or releases a skill, he can accumulate the progress of God's appearance. When the progress bar is full, you can release the skills of God.
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