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Angel legion pray function
  • Angel legion pray function, equipment, enhance

    What is the pray function: after the account is level 22, you can enter the interface of the pray function before the battle. The pray formation can be configured in the pray interface. After the pray formation is configured, the heroes participating in the battle in the pray formation will receive the pray bonus provided by the heroes who is out of the battle. Heroes above level A can participate in pray. The higher level, star level and quality of participation in pray, the higher the pray attributes provided.

    How to wear equipment: in the detailed interface of the heroes has been obtained, these are four equipment slots are displayed on both sides of the hero. if there are available equipment, click on the slot to wear it.

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    How to enhance equipment: after the hero wears the equipment, click the equipment icon again in the hero details interface to choose to enhance the equipment.

    How to unlock the UAV: when an A or S hero evolves to 3 silver stars, the UAV will be automatically unlocked. After the UAV is equipped, the combat attributes can be improved. In additional. the UAV skills can be released during manual combat.

    What if i rain the wrong hero: When you want to change the heroes you trained, you can use the dismiss, transpose, and rollback function in hero more. Dismiss: you will get fully refund of star coupon, force, and blue crystal after dismiss a hero. The hero will be returned to full amount of his own gemes. Genes consumed by evolution will be returned as orignal gene. Rollback: you will get full refund of star coupon, force, and blue crystal after rollback a hero, the hero will become level 1 and the star level will remains. Transpose: will exchange the level and star level of two heroes.
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