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    How can i make my heroes stronger?

    There are many ways to increase the strength of your heroes. Leveling them up with resources is the most common way at the beginning of the game. After leveling your hero, you can use the ascend or enhance feature to make your hero even stronger by consuming hero tokens

    I can't defeat the enemies in the main campaign. What do I do when I get stuck at a stage?

    If you are getting stuck in the campaign, there are many things you can do to help you progress passed this point. Make sure you have progressed as far as you can in the Hades' Hell levels, complete your Daily Dungeons for more resources, and spend those resources on your powerful Heroes that will help you progress. Waiting more time will allow the Astrolabe to collect more resources that you can then use to power up your Heroes.Did this help you?

    How do i summon heroes?
    Summoning heroes is done in the summoner sanctum. Here, you can exchange diamonds or scroll for summons.
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    What is Vip status? Vip status in game is a way to receive even more rewards. Everyone starts off as VIP level 1 and can increase it based on how much you continue to play game.

    How do i get more diamonds? Diamonds are mostly collected through completing achievements. However they are available from many other places in the game including completing daily quests, spinning the astrolable and more.

    Can i change my in-game name? Yes! Tap on your profile picture in the top left of your screen to see the player page. You will be able to see information like your username, IGG ID, server and more. Tpa on the field that contains your username to change it.

    Can i change the language of the game? Yes! You are able to change the language of the game in game settings. Tap on the profile picture in the top left of your screen and scroll down to find the language option in the user & services section.

    Mythic heroes what is an IGG ID?

    You IGG iD is your game account ID, which cannot be changed. You need to submit your IGG ID when taking part in any events or when submitting feedback.

    Can i trade or sell my account? We do not support any form of account sharing or trading. Sharing or trading accounts is aslo against our TOS, and therefore, we cannot guaranteed the safety of such accounts. We will not be responsible for any loss resulting from account sharing or trading and urge you to refrain from sharing or trading your account.
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