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    First we need more partners. Your power is the key. Please follow me. Tap summon to look for your Goddess! Drop rate:
    in accordance with the relevant legal provisions, the rates of the output of summon in the game is published. These rates are based on the statistical values of a large sample, and there may be some differences between them and the small amount of test data of individual players. We hope that all players will spend rationally and play healthily.

    How to pick Goddesses to fight?
    Class cooperation: a good team needs: defender (to protect other Goddesses and inflict controls); fighter and mage (damage carrier); support (to buff or heal other Goddesses)
    Advance: take advantage in Forces to deal more damage. Wisely select your Goddesses according to enemy force.
    About formations: deploy appointed Goddesses to gain stats bonus in battle, and you can hugely raise your win rate by adjusting formation based on your Goddesses. Check deploy hero and tap force icons for detailed matches.
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    Skills combo: most Goddess skills are compatible with each other. For example, Gerberus' inflicts slashed on foes, while Sun Wukong's monkey king is guaranteed to deal critical damage against foes under slashed.

    How to star-up a Goddess? Why we star-up: star-up to hugely improve Goddess stats and it's the only way to raise Goddess skill level.
    Howe to star-up: find dreamland, then palace, select the hero you fancy and put in some character as needed following the guide. You can star-up 6 stars Goddesses in her page directly. Not all units can be raised to max stars, please pay attention to it.

    How to make my characters gro faster? Don't miss your daily free summons, gold rain and raid! Everyday in daily ventures, you can challenge dungeons and trials and other features to earn handy materials. Don't be shy to give likes to players on arena rank! You can get rewards fro doing that. Joining a guild, use your contribution to learn guild skill is also a good way to boost your unit. Alert: don;t forget to collect your auto battle profits everyday! They provides massive items and EXP.

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