Goddess Era diamonds
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    How to level up character more efficient:
    Character EXP only drops from story mode, story auto battle and raid. The more stages cleared, the more character EXP earned from botting. Raid to earn 120 mins worth of gains directly. Higher VIP level gives more profits from botting. Pass raining perk to get 3 free raid attempts daily.

    How to use diamonds in the most cost-eff:
    - raid: a raid gives you a 2 hour borring profits directly!
    - trials/dungeons: it's very good value to buy challenge chances with diamonds
    - bounty quest! Refresh with diamonds if there are no fancy guests! You may even meet summon tickets!
    - guild ordeal: buy challenge attempts to speed up the progress, cumulating guild contribution fasted! You can get more rewards ranking higher in damage.
    - don't forget to buy the bounty pack in privilege shop. You'll be able to buy a premium summon ticket if you are VIP2.

    You can use hack Goddess Era cheat codes

    How to choose a formation:
    By classes: if you select 2 defender characters, it's recommended to use formation: FM5 to provide other Goddesses with better protection.
    By opposing team: you can also deploy your units according to opposing team. If there are Goddesses who deal AOE DMG in opposing team, you can adjust position to take advantage. it might be very helpful to change formation when you are in a tough fight.

    What are the effects of various Goddess:
    1. Slashes, severe slash, Vanishment - these deals a fixed amount of DMG each round, and can be stacked.
    2. Stun, Frightened, sleep - these stop Goddesses from taking any actions.
    3. Holy Seal - disables hero's passive skills and them from dealing critical attacks.
    4. Weaken - stops from making any actions for 1 turn.
    Buffs of same type do not stack by default, those stackable ones will be illustrated in buff descriptions. When a buff coexists with ones of the same type, then the buff with the highest value takes effect, and only 1 stack is displayed in preview. That's why sometimes a buff on a Goddess is removed or transferred by 1 stack, you still can see this buff is taking effect.

    Goddess Era what is the sequence of attacks in battle?

    Attack order: characters with higher SPD attack first in a specific turn. if a Goddess' SPD is changed within a turn, its attack order changes on the next turn. SPD down inflicted by Caesar takes effect and it is influence attack order on the first turn.

    Gold rain refreshes 3 times daily. Golds rain is refreshed at 0:00, 9:00 and 19:00. Raise VIP level to get more golds from each gold rain. AFK for 1, 2 and 5 hours earn different golds rain rewards above. Activate Fenrir's present to get 2 more golds rain chances per turn. When golds rain event is on, get 2 more chances for each turn of free golds rain, and get 9 more chances for each turn of diamonds gold rain.
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