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    Can you hear my voice? Please, listen! The Demon Seal will be broken. The world will be destroyed. And i can do nothing. For i will soon be gone...You must save the world. I shall give you the power you need. We're in the middle of battle! Let's start with battle basics. The units shown on the field are your ally units. Here come some enemies. Don't let your guard down! Looks like you're struggling. Strength alone won't do. When a unit icon is flashing you can use its skill. Try tapping it. Skills are special moves that unleash powerful attacks. Skills can't be used until the skill gauge is full. But, the gauge auto refills so use skills all you want. Also, the skill gauge refills when the next battle starts. Don't forget it.

    Next, let's talk elements. The flashing marks show you and your enemy's element. You're in luck! Your enemy's is darkness. Since your element is light, you can really do some damage! When you defeat an enemy or use a skill to attack, battle ether for shirt sometimes drops. When you absorb battle ether it adds to your arts gauge which are huge attacks.

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    I'll teach you how to form a party. Select slot to add or change members. let's add Gaul you just got. Whenever you get a new unit, don;t forget to manage your party. These icons lined up under the unit icons are for your equip skills. First is an attack skill. However, unlike a unit skill, it doesn't refill hen the next battle starts, so be careful. Looks like an ally's hurt! Use a healing equipment skill. If you drag the equip skill marked with an arrow, you can use it on another unit. Equip skills can target: self, selected unit and whole party. There are the three types. Learn to use them all.

    When you make food, be sure to remember to take it on your quests. Keep in mind a dish's effects before you take it into battle. Bosses have an arts gauge, too! When it fills up, the boss can unleash a massive special attack. Attack will reduce the boss' break gauge. breaks occur when the break gauge becomes 0.

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    Blade masters:
    Twinblade Arth - this blade master uses multicolored twin blades. Born to a blade master family in Gramenia, he later developed his own Zsiryudo double sword technique. He is an outstanding breaker.
    Ice sword Corsair - a noble of Bamint, this blade master dedicated her life to training in the war of the sword. Also known as the princess of the iceblade, she has the power to freeze enemies in their tracks.
    Flame blade Clyde - a swordsman of the Isled Empire who became one of the 3 blade masters. The strongest attacker of the 3, he takes his enemies head on and overpowers them.

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    powerful equips:
    IERcIR1nj - Bakuzan Gako & Karyu: increase arts guage by 30 when HP is 90% or more. Increases physc. DMG by 50% for 8s.
    js1D6JWji - No-star uniform: breaks all allies' seal. Auto recovers all allies' HP by 200 for 12 s.
    HDdcxJX3G - Scissor Blade decap mode: increases DMG by 80% and reduces enemy's fire resistance by 30% for 10s.
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