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    Welcome! I've been waiting! First, let's try to move by dragging the joy pad with left thumb. Tap the jump button with your right thumb to climb to a higher ground. Tap the basic attack button to attack the enemy. Tap the skill button to attack the opponent harder. Skill automatically charges after time. You have to be careful! Before you fall, quickly tap the jump button to go up. Go to the dominion point and recover the area.

    Play a practice match to unlock the entire game! Battle royale: survive and become the last one standing. Destroy candy bags, or smash opponents to create Candy. Pick up Candy to grow stronger, boosting your chance to be the last pne standing. You get closer to winning with each opponent eliminated.

    Player has earned EXP and can be leveled up! Leveling him up raise his attack and HP, so make sure to level legends up to make them stronger! Press the legends button! You can level up legend once they're gained enough EXP. Press the upgrade button or enter letter pass. You can see how a hero's stats will change when leveling up! Levels can be raised to 10, so let's make sure to get stronger.

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    Flexible Blade - increase directional control by 200% during ultimate.
    Swift moves - increase movement speed by 40% for 4s after reviving.
    Heavy sword - ground skill pushes opponents back 20% further.
    Perseverance strike - when no attack has been performed for 2s, the next attack deals 18% more damage.
    Earth Roaring sword - the shockwave pulls opponents in when used as Aerial skill and deals 200 fixed damage.
    Unlock skins:
    The last Sheriff - n7CFI14Mh
    Returned Outlaw - 6XT9kGwji
    The west Devil - 0qFevJaNv
    Hired Gun - 8QoqPN1mj
    Wolf Tracker - 0o7ZTScck
    Master of Voice - 5bvntpfHy
    Misunderstood actor - g1yMXINRN
    Indomitable fighter - YKkCRYWQb
    Dancer of darkness - 1yPUSHbsT
    Ballerina of darkness - BNkfAQwLW
    prince of darkness - kSLXrjnw8
    Lord of darkness - gcADCkM9l
    Whisper of the Moon - pQkPRLsbM
    Blessed mother of Darkness - 4E2jWTGXp
    Secret agent cat - vzLjksjfJ
    Black Phantom - AGY8rVMgV
    Sheep of Chaos - rVuhoTpL4
    Spec ops Oni - I8CTCIUAU
    A true superstar - 2KiwyDDV5
    Hero Glacia - S4IpBKkNe
    Queen Glacia - iUwKM0y8x
    Sun Guardian - mYHBzuWAj
    Guardian of light - qGc6gzDOW
    Golden Savior - Bpkckkaqd

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    100000 credits - DDJWcOSI9. Credits are used to upgrade legends. The credit cap will reset once a day.
    5000 gem - scIEh2iC0. Gems are used to purchase skins, legend roads, and more!You can purchase gems from the shop.
    Unlock characters:
    Molly - JWrFFeVpx
    Hook - 9Xaa02RL2
    Flare - FPJhjCFjJ
    Octavia - gIc33qkd1
    Wolfgang - rruFB74IL
    Goldie - NBraV8erM
    Kaiser - N7lUfSSd4
    Red - jIFzLBvgZ
    Yong Yong - JDWiMKi4f
    Zepetta - VVeVz9C5m
    Brick - VavHLLgpg
    Cindy - yKrAjriyd
    Ducky and Swan - X7F9YUtLR
    Flare - xoY42aSTY
    Jack O' - bIrMFAp0Z
    Kurenai - yC3VlFhIv
    Master Cat - 52if6keZJ
    Nui - NKoNcA5gy
    Rambert - shF27KDkV
    Ravi - pzO6J4Rs9
    Robin - dknZNdDPW
    Snow - aLYpttiM4
    Witch queen - uYOr2Jrdl
    Alice - naHNzooFi
    Don Quixote - kHvUbgbL0
    Rapunzel - 1D1ma4Jqc
    Package pass:
    Indomitable fighter package - 3I7sUvpTE
    The last sheriff package - 2CHXFVIDB
    The west devil package - sA1uBtcaI
    Master of voice - 7J9BezJ6t
    Wolf pursuit - cmmhpqAX3
    Misunderstood actor - C8aJSaAop
    starter bundle - g1GquQKqx
    Beginner bundle I - rppLlbY2u

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