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    Conor and Cady meet and discover they fight well together. It's not safe to go it alone in an undead world.

    Pick a hero to take into battle. Let's strengthen our numbers! It's best to place heroes using ranged weapons in the back! Characters: Hugh: Globber - performs a heavy strike with 400% ATK power to multiple enemies. Fit to fight - increases MAX HP and ATK power. Blue Banshees - a rag-tag team of roaming misfits just trying to make it in the undead world. They survive by scavenging and occasionally stealing. At the end of the day, they're decent people just trying to survive. Melee - skilled fighters who can provide cover for other heroes while also dealing devastating damage to enemies. Melee heroes are great at fighting enemies up close. Put them on the front lines. Remember, faction advantages increase damage by 20%

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    Axel: exploding round - fires a small grenade, dealing 350% ATK power and knocking back enemies. Fires a powerful shot, dealing 160% ATK power and knocking back enemies. Spare Ammo - +2% ATK power per enemy on the battlefield. Stack up to 10 times. AOE - heroes who make an impact by damaging a large number of enemies at once.

    Tank - these heroes are physically strong. They are good at providing cover for the rest of the squad. Collegium - a friendly and welcoming faction that is open to all. They believe all humans deserve at least a first chance. Turn on auto to use your heroes' ultimate skills as soon as they're available. Sugar reapers - the people drawn to this faction seem to thrive in a world full of monsters. They are ruthless and dangerous. If they spot you, you better run for your life. Support - heroes who may not be the best fighters but offer the squad valuable support.

    Take a look at your profile. You'll find lots of useful information there. You can choose a profile icon and say a little something about yourself. Give yourself a username to make it easier for friends to find you. Range - skilled heroes who are good at dealing high amounts of damage. Hive - the last remaining city is surprisingly populous and well defended. Led by the matriarch, they are loyal only to each other and rarely trust outsoders. They have placed high walls all around the city to shield themselves from the outside world

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    5000 diamonds - rgymhmY0O. The most valuable currency around.
    50000 player EXP - WVsexIoT4. You level up by gaining experience. Find in: idle rewards/ quest rewards.
    300000 gold - RPruSNW41
    5000 goods - qq2mWw9tI. Heroes consume this to level up.
    100 tickets - U0F8IcZRD.Use for recruiting heroes at the Cantina.
    100 supply box - sirduLud3. Contains materials to help your heroes advance.

    Unlock common characters:
    Jordan - 8fc1vwl8i
    Dud - QMbBdGU92
    Unlock unique+ heroes:
    Barry - axCGD4j0G
    Laura - KDafnMkek
    Mary - bqwZsrZbk
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    Little Dave - jLTr9Lma5
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    Henry - KXWqSh44u
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    Cookie - 2yXf908qI
    Jack - W3uFmWYWu
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