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    It's a pleasure to meet you. Or is it not the first time we've met? I know you've only just arrived, but let me take a look at the fate that awaits you. Oh, you think that's impressive? This is nothing for me...Your future holds growth, triumph over adversity, and new discoveries, but beware of karma and facing your true self. Are you the sort of person who breaks promises often? I guess this question is pointless if you aren't aware of it yourself. Don't worry. It seems like your friends still like you regardless. It must be nice to be loved. When you've given commands to everyone the battle will start. Use a spread shot to get spirit power from P items. With a lot of spirit power, something good might happen. Spread shots are better for P item. Focus shots are more focused on damage.

    Home screen: tap here to check on the friends you've made. You can power them up too. Story cards - you can check and power up your story cards here. Set party - to make a party with your friends, tap here. Tasks - finish tasks for rewards. Don't forget to check the list every so often. You might be able to find things you need in the shop. Avatar - if you tap this icon, you can change the friend shown on this screen. The journal records information on your friends and your story cards.

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    You can view the items you've collected in items. Messages and gifts will be sent to your mail, so check frequently. You can collect spirit P from the shrine and coins from the offering box. There is a storage limit, so collect them promptly.
    Main stages: you can enjoy the main story and play various battle stages.
    Difficulty level: by clearing stages on normal difficulty, you can take your chances with hard difficulty. The battles get tougher, but you have a higher chance of getting better and more useful rewards. By clearing stages on hard difficulty, you will unlock Lunatic difficulty, which is even harder.

    Daily stages:
    different daily stages are available every day of the week. You can play daily stages 3 times a day. The stages and rewards differ by day of the week:
    - sun/mon/thu - look for books!
    - sun/tue/fri - look for tiles
    - sun/wed/sat - look for scrolls!
    On sunday, all the stages are available. You can play each stage 3 times.

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