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    Swordsman - having spent 10 years in the king's guard, the knight is a well balanced fighter. Increase the power of attacks and magic. Receive less damage from enemy attacks. Increase the hero's maximum HP. Reduce cooldown between actions.
    Paladin - striking the enemy with her sword or healing an ally in trouble, the Paladin is always on her toes.
    Barbarian - strong, fast and angry! The barbarian will run to the enemy with his axe blazing. This hero will not be affected by these statuses.

    This game can be a bit complicated in the beginning for some players, but fear not! I'm here for a reason! Come on, just follow me! Welcome to the dungeon! A new adventure has just begun for you! Your Health bar - you know the drill - it's GG when this reaches 0. Action points - Executing an ability or swapping jobs may consume AP. It will be replenished on the default value at the beginning of each turn. Protect bar - direct attacks from enemies can't deal damage to your HP before this is depend. At the Bottom - the abilities that we currently have in our hand. New abilities will be added from our draw pile at the start of each turn. You can either click on the use button or swipe up to use an ability.

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    Always pay attention to our AP. We can't do much and will probably have to end our turn if we run out of AP. The discard pile - used abilities and discarded abilities go here. They will be put back into the draw pile when the draw pile has been depleted. Pay strategically and try to balance between using and discarding abilities. This can make us very powerful. Please note that we can only discard the same ability for AP once per turn.

    We can swap our jobs and use our job ability in battle. Drag your secondary job onto the primary job to swap jobs. Please be aware that changing jobs will increase the AP cost of that job by 1. But don't worry! This AP cost will reset at the beginning of each turn.

    Buffs: passives are the powers that naturally come with your jobs or characters, which are permanent. Buffs and debuffs, however, are temporary. Different passives and buffs can be stacked to different limits.

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    Click the question mark in the top right corner to check on your enemy's details. You and your enemies will take turns acting first. Try to make sure that your kit is strong enough before entering a battle. Sometimes shops will appear inside the dungeon, where you can purchase jobs and abilities. Press and hold onto the job icon to look at its details. To purchase a job, just drag the job onto your existing jobs to replace them. Press and hold onto an ability icon to view its details. To purchase an ability, just drag the ability to your ability menu.
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