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    Welcome! As an employer here, your job is to reduce energy and generate revenue! You cna see your current energy and how much you gain each second on the resource bar at the top of the screen. You can sell your banked energy for cash by pressing the sell energy button at the top of the screen. When you sell energy, you also gain XP (experience points). As you cna see at the top of the screen, a progress bar slowly fills as you earn more money. Give it a go, sell some energy! Use your cash to upgrade your Alpha particle. Every particle has it's own set of modifiers.
    Spawn rate - determines how often a particle will be spawned. Life time - determines how long each individual particle lives. Velocity - determines the movement speed of each particle. For now, keep selling your energy for cash, to upgrade your Alpha particle more!

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    Boosts are gained though completing tasks. Tasks will show up once in a while, starting when you've reached level 4. Using a boost is simple. Just click the image of the boost you'd like to use. The bonus is gained instantly.

    Automation hub - here you can spend LP to automate parts of the game. You get LP when you level up. Start by purchasing auto sell. Every x interval, your cash will be sold without having to click the button. No need to get your fingers all tired. You cna unlock new automations or upgrade existing ones for faster and better results.

    Market - here you can increase the cash value of your energy, and increase the amount of companies you sell your energy to. Both of these things increases profits a lot.

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    upgrade selection menu - it contains many new ways to upgrade your particles and profits further. For now, only the research menu is unlocked. You can enter the research menu now to check out what upgrades are available to you. When you have enough cash, i suggest you start by funding some research! Researches are powerful upgrades that greatly improves various aspects of the game.

    All ads you watch grant you one or more ad tokens. Spend these tokens in the token upgrades shop for permanent bonuses. It is possible to run out of daily ads, without the no-ads pack.

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