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    Skiller - gives you h2o points. Sometimes he will also give skill EXP. Your cash - which you get from fighting enemies ill give you some now to get started. Each skilled has two upgrades. Let's upgrade the benchers value. Value upgrades increase the amount of EXP earned each REP. Now lets take a look a look at the benches speed. Gp ahead and upgrade the speed level. This makes the skilled work faster. His exact speed is sown under him in REPS per minute. Skiller+ - this button let you buy new skillers. There are dozens to unlock. Skillers will sometimes give skill EXP. Strength increases fighting damage. Attack increases hit chance. Endurance increases HP. Let's put your skills to use, Fight - this button will take you to the fighting zone. You automatically attack every few seconds. This speed can be upgrade later. Monsters will fight back. Their damage is shown in purple.

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    There are many attacks to unlock. Try using your claw attack. Killing monsters gives cash. Kill enough and you can access the next monster. Press the circular arrows to toggle skills. later on you will unlock auto healing food. FOr now you can restore HP using the heal buff. There are hundreds of monsters to fight. Let's try killing enough to unlock the next one. You will unlock new areas once you defeat the keymasters at the end of each zone.
    Leveling up gives you perk points. Let's use those perk points to unlock a new training zone. Click on the perk tree button to use those perk points. Spend your skill points here. Select different skill trees in the bottom left. Each one is centered around a stat type. Later skills can be purchased multiple times. Secondary skills are unlocked next. They are integral to the game.
    You can switch training zones in the top right. Screens you are not on give you half as much stuff. But thats all you need to know. Click the help button if you get lost.

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    craft boosters with tinkering. High level boosters upgrade the most but come with a higher failure rate. Mutators alter the boost given by a random amount on average they are good. You can press and hold on any type of upgrade to see what it does. You can also get very useful misc upgrades from events and with gems.

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