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  • Tales Noir exp cap, Overflowing EXP wiki.

    Daily EXP cap:
    1. The limit on the daily EXP obtained from gameplay is based on the server level. The higher the server level, the higher the EXP limit.
    2. EXP obtained from main quest, side quest, and catching up bonus is not restricted by this daily limit.
    3. After reaching the daily limit, you won't receive more EXP from certain gameplays.

    Overflowing EXP:
    - unlocks at level 30;
    - the EXP you miss for not playing the daily events will convert into overflowing EXP.
    - overflowing EXP is not affected by daily EXP limit.
    - up to 720000 overflowing EXP can be stored.
    - you may spend time machine or bound diamonds to retrieve the overflowing EXP in an apple at a time.
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    Server level:
    - after reaching level 30, if your level is below the server you will get extra EXP from daily gameplay. (excluding main and side quests).
    - the lower the level, the higher the extra EXP.
    - player level won't exceed the server level. THe exceeding exp will be converted into silver.

    Bound diamond can be obtained from recharge gift, auction dividend, monthly pass rewards , and growth fund. Bound diamonds are used to buy precious items from bound diamond mall. Can be converted into silver at a 1:10000 ratio.

    Magic crystal: obtain from selling gems, normal cores, and wonderland dust or from optional gameplay. Magic crystals are used to buy precious items from magic crystal shop.

    Gold can be exchanged with diamond or obtained from vendor sale and events. Gold is used to buy precious items from vendors. Gold can be converted into silver at a 1:100 ratio.

    Tales Noir cards

    Bounty coin: help other players to complete defend princess, the wizard of Oz, dark magic legion, and Endless Mirage to obtain Bounty coins. Bounty coins are used to buy items from bounty shop.
    Soul crystal - decompose orange and golden gear to obtain soul crystal items. use item to get soul crystal. Soul crystals are used to buy items from soul crystal shop.
    Star coins - participate in grant ball every day to get star coins. Star coins are used to buy items from star coins shop. Star coins are also used to unlock ball appearance.
    Honor - participating in colosseum grants you honor regardless of victory or defeat. There's a daily limit on the honor you can obtain. Honor is used to buy precious items from honor shop.
    Clan fame - fame can be obtained from participating in clan gameplay including clan quest, clan gathering, clan bandit, and clan trial. Fame is used to buy precious items from fame shop.
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