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    Combat manual (elements) - hit a weaker element to deal 200% damage. Hit a stronger element only deals 50% damage. Clear the stage. No hero was lost. Clear the stage within 20 rounds. Clear the stage to unlock auto win. Naya stones deal damage equal to the sum of ATK of the relevant heroes and restore their mana. Naya stones can only deal 1 damage when a relevant hero is missing. The number on the enemy's HP bar represents the turns remaining before the enemy attacks. Tap an enemy to make it the target for heroes' skills. Tap and hold on an enemy or a hero to check more information, like stats, skill and status effects. If a Naya stone doesn't hit any enemy, don't worry. Heroes of the same element will gain 100% more mana (than when an enemy is hit). Clear stages to earn stars and win rewards. THe more stars you earn, the more rewards you get.

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    WHo will i be playing? How can i increase my level? You will be playing the dragoneer, and you can earn experience EXP from battles (main missions, event missions, explore missions, etc.) to level up. Every time you level up, you will restore 60 energy points and get gems as reward.

    What is summon gate? The summon gate can be used when players need extra heroes. Heroes of all elements and stars are available in exchange for gems and tears of nature, tears of moonlight, or tear of ancestors. Summons usually cost gems, but there are tears of nature or tears of ancestors which will give you a free summon. You can get them by completing daily tasks, newbie tasks and events.

    What are elements? In Call of Antia, every hero has their unique element stats. You'll see Naya stones of different elements in battles, which give heroes advantages over a weaker against another element that counters them. You may tap the element icon on the top left corner to check the element details.

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    The damage dealt by your hero is significantly affected by elements. Naya Stones will only deal 1 damage if no heroes of the corresponding elements are deployed, even if the enemy's element type is countered by you.

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