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    ️How do I level up or ascend my heroes?
    “How do I level up my heroes?”

    You can increase your heroes' power by leveling up them. Leveling up your heroes increases their stats, including attack, defense and health.

    You can level up your hero this way:
    1. Go to your Hero list by tapping on the Heroes button at the bottom of your screen.
    2. Then select a hero from the list.
    3. Tap on the level up button. Levelling up a hero requires Exp potion and Gold. You can find the number of Exp potions and Gold needed to level up the hero in the ""level up"" interface.

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    “How do I ascend my heroes?”

    Each hero can be ascended after reaching a certain level. Ascending heroes can significantly boost their stats.

    You can ascend a hero this way️:
    1. Select a hero from your hero list.
    2. Tap on the Ascend button. The number and type of items needed are shown here.

    If you have enough Gold and Items, you will ascend the hero successfully.
    If not, you can get relevant items by clearing stages, beating Titans, or purchasing them from shops.

    Call of Antia Can I refund if I'm unhappy with my Summons?

    Summons of Heroes are performed by using the in-game currency, Gems????, or by using Summon Tokens such as Tears of Nature, Tears of Moonlight or Tears of Ancestors.

    Please note that in every summon, the hero you receive is selected randomly based on the possibilities listed in the Summon Gate.

    The possibilities can be seen on each Summon Gate by tapping on the (!) icon that is in the upper right corner.

    Please also note the purchase you make in-game is non-refundable. By using the in-game currency, it goes without saying that it is yours to keep. Should you seek to have your valid purchases refunded by Apple or Google, Sparkling Studio reserves the right to revoke access to any content related to these purchases. This may even result in a suspension of your account.

    Call of Antia the Summon Gate

    Why didn't I get the Hero that was shown on the Summon Gate?
    Dragoneer, please note that each summon gate shows a picture or a list of the available heroes that you may receive.
    These are just examples of possible summons, but not a guaranteed hero list.
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